Chapter 11 : A One In A Million

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October 3, 2011

Dear Journal,

It took a while since my admirer wrote to me. I guess he was also busy with exams. Well I guess thats good. I have been spending my whole week in the library with Sydney studying for exams. Have I told you that I am a complete nerd. Oh well. I am proud. I havent seen Dan since my brother's game. I wonder what he is up to. Anyway. I need to focus now. P.S Currently Studying.

Love, Mika

My eyes were stuck in the pages of my book when I felt a tap on my shoulders. I turned around and saw a big card and someone behind it. I read the card saying, Happy Friendsary Miks! Love you M!

My heart skipped a beat. Only Daniel can do this to me. I took the card and saw Daniel behind with a slight blush on his face. So cute! Stop it mind. Focus Mika!

"Its our friendsary?"

"Yeah! Remember? It was a long time ago but I never stopped counting."

"Thanks D. That's sweet." I blushed.

"Sooooo.. After exams lets meet up?"

"Sure. But your treat. Still dont have allowance."

"Of course. I am the girl by the way. Your the boy. Hahah! Okay then Miks. Go on and study. See you later. Later Sydney!"

"Bye!" Sydney said while staring at her book. When Daniel left Sydney looked at me with that you-were-totally-blushing-face.

"Shut up Sydney!" I said trying to hide my face.

"What? I didnt say anything?" She went back to reading.

Hay. Why am I so weak? My heart is so weak. My feelings for Daniel never changed after all those years.

I went to my locker to get my books. When I opened it I saw a vintage letter. I opened it and read,

Dear Mikaela,

You are so beautiful! I love the way you blush. I cant stop staring at you. If only I have the courage to show my face to you, I would really do it, if the reward is staring at your face forever. Oh Mika, you are really a one in a million. A one of a kind. I wish I could have you and be by your side forever.

Love, Anonymous

Well, that made my day even better. Thanks to my admirer. I saw a coupon attached to the letter. A free vanilla milkshake. Wow! My favorite! How did he know? He is so good at stalking. Kudos to you Anonymous admirer.

On my way to the Coffee shop I saw Dan and April. My heart dropped. I just cant see them together all the time. I got in the shop and pretended not to see them. I got my free milkshake then I hear someone call my name. I turned to their table and pretended to be surprise. Oh shoot! Here we go. I walked towards them.

"Hey Mika!" Said April.

"Hey!" I faked a smile.

"You wanna join us Miks?"

"Oh no thank you. I gotta go somewhere. Hehe. Enjoy you guys!"

"See you later Miks!"

"Yeah sure."

I walked as fast as I can out the cafe. I walked so fast that I bumped into someone and I fell to the ground, my milkshake poured all over the ground and some on my jeans. Envelopes where all over the floor as well.

"Oh Mikaela! Are you okay?" said the person I bumped into. He stretched out a hand to help me get up.

I looked at the person in front of me. He had short brown hair and greenish-blue eyes. Those eyes got me. He bent down to pick up the envelopes that were on the floor.

"Oh. I- I'm fine. Do- do I know you?"

"Haha. I am in your english class. The one across your desk."

"Ah. Sorry I didnt quiet recognize you. What's your name again?"

"Liam McCarthy." He gave me a smile. He is not bad. Has a cute smile.

"Yeah." I looked at the ground. "Oh no! My milkshake!" I was frowning.

"Oh. Dont worry I'll buy you another one."

"No no. Its fine."

"No seriously. I'll buy you another one."

We entered the cafe and he odered two vanilla milkshakes. We sat at one corner of the cafe.

"I am really sorry I dumped into you. I was in a hurry."

"Looked like you were running away from someone."

"Huh? No no! I am not. Haha! By the way, what were those envelopes for?" I stared at the envelopes in his folder and they looked familliar.

He took the folder and placed in on the seat next tk him.

"Oh its nothing. By the way. I gotta get going. I got class in 15 mins. Bye Mikaela. Enjoy your drink." He waved goodbye and left."

I looked at Dan's table, to my surprise April was gone and Daniel was staring at me. He had that angry look on his face. Oh no. What did I do? He walked towards me.

"Who was that Mika?"

"My classmate in english class."

"Are you two close?"

"Not really."

"Why did he buy you a drink?"

"Why are you asking a lot of questions?"

"Just curious. Anyway. Shall we go now?"

"Neh. Lost my mood. I want to go home early to rest Sorry D."

"Oh. Okay." He said with a frown.

"Bye now." I left him there.

I really dont want to feel like I am a rebound or something. Daniel only spends time with me when April is busy. I am so pissed by his attitude. Urgh. Daniel Kitting, open your eyes!


Oh would you look at that. Did I smell a pinch of jealousy from Daniel? Oh well. We'll find out sooner or later.

Love, Anonymous

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