Chapter 12 : That Night When We Kissed

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October 3, 2011

Dear Journal,

Its still 8pm and its our friendsary. I didnt want to go out with Daniel today. I lost my mood. I felt like a rebound. Urgh. Whatever. He is just an annoying boy. Being stuck in my room sucks though. As much as I want to spend this day with him. I must really stay ayaw from him. To lessen my feeling for him, a little distance is needed. I must know my limits.

Love, Mika

On my bed with eyes closed. Hy. Daniel Kitting, I hate you so much for being so numb. So annoying! Suddenly I heard a knock on my window. I knew it was Daniel. No choice, I opened it and let him in. He was carrying four boxes of pizza in one hand and soda on the other.

"What is this D?"

"Since you didnt want to go out, we go in. Haha! We'll celebrate our friendsary here in your room. Happy Friendsary Mika!"

"Thanks Daniel. Happy Friendsary too."

"Now lets watch a movie while we eat pizza."

"Haha. Game!" I took out my laptop and searched for movies to watch. I picked 5 movies.

"So no sleeping okay? We need to watch all 5 movies." said Daniel while eating a slice of pizza.

My mom knocked on the door and opened it.

"I knew I heard Daniel. Hey there sweetheart!"

"GoodEvening Mrs Summers. Is it okay that I spend the night with Mika?"

"Sure thing sweetie. Just dont sleep to late okay kids?"

"Yes Mom."

"Goodnight." Then she closed the door.

"Alright then Miks! Lets get this party started!"

We started watching the first movie, and it took 1 1/2 hours to finish. The second movie played at around 10pm and the boxes of pizza were all empty. Oh man! I wanted more pizza. *Insert sad face*  The fourth movie started playing and Daniel was fast asleep. I was half awake then when Daniel started sleep talking.

"Mikaela.. I love you. Do you know that? I think I really love you n-"


"Mika, mika....."

"Daniel you're sleep talking again. Wake up." I started shaking him to wake him up. But nothing worked.

I left him and continued to watch the movie, while half awake. He placed his head on my shoulders and I looked as him. He looked to adorable. While his eyes were closed, he whispered,

"Mika, you are one in a million, you're the beat I've ever had...."

"Uhm? What are you talking about D?" I looked at him, head on my shoulders and eyes closed. I took his head carefully and placed it on my pillow next to me.

Suddenly he moved and hugged me. I felt like a pillow being hugged by a baby. I almost fell asleep until he moved and our faces were one inch apart, it cut my breath. I was staring at his face so close to mine, I could feel his breath on my cheeks. Then suddenly, he moved and our lips touched. He kissed me. Oh my goodness, Daniel Kitting kissed me. No! This is not happening, I got back to reality and moved away from him. He was fast asleep. He was just dreaming. I knew it could never be. But the feeling of his lips was so soft it felt so real. Hay, Mika, stop this nonsense.

I laid down on the floor and just stared at the ceiling. I cant get it out of my mind. But its not real, it was just an accident. Hy, Mika, go to sleep and pretend nothing happened. And then I slept.


I am speechless. Dont know what to say. Anyway, Thank you!

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