Chapter 3 : Back to December

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June 7, 2011

Dear Journal,

Do you still remember what happened on that day? It was so clear to me like it happened yesterday. It was Christmas Party at our old school. December 21, 2006. I received a letter in my locker saying, Meet me at the backstage at 10pm. Love, Anonymous. I was so sure it was Daniel. He told me he had a gift for me and that I was going to be big. I got so excited on that day. We prepared all the decorations in the gym and the tables and chairs. When we got home, my mom dressed me up in a pretty red cocktail dress. I felt beautiful for the first time. Cause people used to tease me a lot back then for being a nerdy tomboy. Only Dan was supportive. He said I was pretty no matter what they said. I trusted Daniel more than anyone. He got to school first since mom took amling time dressing me up. She also drove me to the party. It was 9pm when I arrived there. I met Daniel and se was as handsome as always. We ate a lot and danced until Dan dissappeared around 9:50pm that night. So I was pretty sure he was my anonymous admirer. When the clock struck 10pm. I went to the backstage which was pitch black. I was walking in darkness until I heard a voice, "Mika!" I came toward the voice and the curtains suddenly opened and then spotlight was on me. A bucket full of mud was poured over me, and everyone was laughing at me. At the corner, I saw Amanda with her hands around Daniel laugjing so hard. That was the last time I saw Daniel Kitting. Up until 4 days ago when I stared at his room. Urgh. Ever since then Amanda and Daniel werw a couple and Daniel moved away to another school. My years were a relief then since I dont have to go to school where Daniel will be in. And Amanda wasnt a bitch back then. Only now when Dan came back. Why is my life such a curse. Am I sleeping beauty or something? Instead of endless sleep, I am cursed with endless pain. Urgh. When will my life ever change?

Love, Mika


I'd go back to December turn around and change my whole life...

Now you know the whole story why, from bestfriends then became strangers. And Mika is left with a serious case of trust issues.

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Love, Anonymous

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