Chapter 13 : Thinking Of You

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October 10, 2011

Dear Journal,

I am so sorry, one whole week I wrote about what happened on our friendsary. I just cant stop thinking about it. Its just that, urgh! I cant stop expecting. What if he was pretending to sleep an-. Urgh. Never mind. I keep on dreaming. That will never happen. Daniel sees me as a friend and nothing more. Its so depressing at times. But fine, I will not think of him starting now, I will keep busy and stay away from him. That would be better, right?

Love, Mika

"Hey Mikaela!"

I turned around and saw Liam. I gave him a smile and waved.

"Hey there!"

"Can you believe our quiz was so hard!"

"Haha! I know right! I am about to go to the cafe to refresh my mind. Wanna come?"

Liam nodded and followed by my side. We entered the cafe and sat near the counter. We ordered Vanilla Milkshakes and talked.

"Mmmm! That's refreshing. It really takes your mind off things" I said.

"You look troubled Mikaela."

"Oh its nothing. By the way, you can call me Mika, Mikaela is too formal. Haha! I feel old."

"Haha! Sure, Mika. Too get your mind of things. Wanna go eat siomai at the canteen?"

"Wow! I love siomai! Sure lets go!" I cried cheerfully.

"Haha. I know."


"Nothing, I said lets go. Hehe!"

We got out of the café and walked back to school. Liam is kinda helping me get over Daniel. Thanks Liam. I smiled.

"What are you smilling about?"

"Haha! Secret! Lets eat!"

"You loom cute when you're happy."

I started blushing. What did he call me? No one ever called me cute. "Haha! Well, exams are done so I have to be happy. Right?" I smiled again.

"Haha. Cute. Anyway, Lets eat! My treat Mika. I want you to be happy today."

Aw. Isnt he sweet? But I cant stop seeing Daniel in him. Daniel is also this sweet to me, he is always happy when I am happy. No! Stop Mika! Dont think of Daniel Kitting!

"Woow! That's a lot of siomai Liam!" My eyes widened with the siomai in front of me.

"Just want to add a little meat to your bones. Haha. You should always eat you know. Its better for a girl to have meat then all bones. Haha!"

"What? I am not all bones. Haha! Fine, I will eat, starting now."

While in the canteen the song Thinking of you by Katy Perry played.

"Cause when I'm with him, I am thinking of you.

Thinking of you, what do I do?

If you were the one who was spending the night.

Oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes."

Urgh! Stupid song ruined my vibes. I was happy! Hello Canteen people! Please change the freaking song! Hy. Liam is sweet. But the feelings I have for Daniel is different. I dont know whats happening to me! I am so confused!

I chewed and chewed, to get my mind of things.

"Uh, Are you okay Mika? You might choke on all those siomai in your mouth. Haha! I'll get you a drink." He gave me a smile before leaving.

I blushed and tried to swallow all the siomai in my mouth before he came back. That was embarrassing. I wiped my mouth. He got back with drinks.

"You okay Mika? Here, drink before you choke. Haha!"

"Thanks." I said trying not to blush. That was so embarrassing man!

He just stared at me. I am so shy to move, I feel like everything I do will be an embarrassement to me.

"Why are you staring at me?"

"Nothing, You look beautiful when you are happy."

"Haha. No I'm not. Haha!" Awkward laugh.

He smiled and looked out the window. I looked out and I saw Daniel and April heading toward the canteen. Oh flip!

"Hey Mika!" said April with a bright smile. Daniel followed her and had a suprised look on his face.

"Hey M. Surprised to see you here, with?"

"Oh. April and Daniel meet Liam. Liam meet Daniel and April."

"Nice to meet the two of you." Liam smiled to them.

"Yeah, you too. Okay then. See you around Mika. Lets go April." Daniel waved and walked away, April followed.

"I'm sorry Liam, Daniel is kind of a snob to people he ia not close to. He is quiet rude."

"Neh. Dont worry about it. Its okay."

After a while, we went home. Liam was so nice to me. So friendly and so sweet. But when I look at him I still see Daniel in him. Urgh. I hate this feeling.


"Comparisons are easily done.

Ones you have a taste of perfection."

"You're the best, and yes, I do regret

How I could let myself let you go

Now, now the lesson's learned

I touched it, I was burned

Oh, I think you should know!"

Love, Anonymous

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