Chapter 17: Unrequited Love

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November 12, 2011

Dear Journal,

I had a great time with Liam last night. He took me to an Italian restaurant with an awesome view. I love Italian food and I love a good view. We talked about a lot of things. We had fun and he drop me home before 10pm. What a gentleman, but all night I couldnt get my mind off Daniel. He looked so sad I just wish I could do something to help him. I want to talk to April.

Love, Mika

I took my laptop and sat on my desk facing Daniel's window. I could see him sleeping. He is so lazy. Haha. Still sleeping at 9am.

I opened my facebook and saw April online. I started to type.

Facebook Messenger:

Me: Hey April! :D

April: What's Up Mika? Good Morning! :)

Me: So how's school back there?

April: Oh you know, like usual. Study here. Study there. XD How bout you?

Me: Vacation started 2 weeks ago after you left.

April: Oh yeah! I forgot. So how's Daniel?

Me: Depressed.

April: Oh. :(

Me: Why did you breakup up with him?

April: He hasnt told you yet?

Me: No. He is too depressed to tell me. Can you tell me?

April: Not sure if I can. He might get mad at me.

Me: Just tell me please? You really hurt him and because of you he has been depressed the whole month.

April: Listen Mika. I love Daniel.

Mika: Then why did you break up with him?!

April: Because, I cant love someone who doesnt love me back. A relationship doesnt work that way you know.

Mika: What? He loves you! That is why he is so depressed when you broke up with him.

April: No Mika. That is not the reason. Just figure it out okay? I dont want it coming from me. Gotta go. I have class.

*April signed out.*

I looked up and stared at Daniel's window. He was awake. He got up and saw me looking at him. He smiled and walked to his window.

"Good Morning Mika!"

"Morning sleepy head."

"What's up? Why do look like that?" He had a worried face.

"Nothing!" I looked away and walked away from my desk.

I heard a crack and saw Daniel in my room.

"Shish D! Why did you come here?" I ran to close my laptop. He had a suspicious look and stared at me. I gave him a big smile.

"What are you not telling me M?"

"What? Nothing! What are you saying D. Hahahah. Now go back to your room. Shooo shooo!"

He gave me the stare. Oh my goodness! Not the stare. Urgh! I am not falling for that stare. I looked away and ran out my room towards the kitchen, Daniel ran after me.

"Mom! Daniel wants to kill me!" I ran behind my mom and pointed at Daniel.

"Mrs. Summers, so not! She just owes me something and doesnt want to give it back." He gave his inocent smile to mom.

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