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1 month later.

"Have you heard from Jack ?" Isabel asked John worried.

"Not since that day. He blocked out all his telepathic connections .. I can't get a hold of him ..yet." He said disappointed.

Isabel p.o.v

I know that my feelings did not resemble Jacks, if I lost John I would lose my world. He was going through pain , but he shouldn't have left right away .. He should know that we are here for him.

I looked at the ceiling fan that twirled around in the heat.

I took off John wide navy blue T and sat on the couch with my tank top.

John huffed down next to me placing my legs on his lap.

I put my arm on top of my forehead.

"All this happened because of me..If it weren't for me ...Maire would still be alive ..If it weren't for me Jack would still be here.." I spoke holding my tears back.

"Isabel ... Baby its not . How could you have known that Lucas was behind all of this. Your not fucking psychic , fucks sake." He said looking at me sternly .

I let a tear stride down my face but then felt John's lips graze mine.

"Your gonna kill me if your gonna sit in that outfit all day." He said touching my legs.

I kissed him back harder this time with determination.

Within I felt a burning connectivity , is it because of my inner wolf or because I was finally ready?

John pulled back . "I'm sorry." He said wiping his lips.

I cocked an eyebrow and moved my self onto his lap.

"Are you really?" I said cupping his gorgeous face and mushing his lips into mine.

"Isabel I wont be able to stop.." He said taking a breather.

I grazed his muscular abs.

"Who said you should?" I said pulling him back in with his shirt.

"Are you sure?" He asked again this time seriously.

I crept up to his ear and whispered , "Yes." as I licked his earlobe.

"Then we do it the right way." He said picking me up bridal style.

A shriek escaped my lips as he picked me up.

His long strides landed us in his big bedroom.

He laid me on his bed then leaned in to kiss my bare neck.

I shut my eyes embracing him.

"Are you sure .." He whispered panting.... this time his features changed he was already in transition his eyes turned full black covering his piercing green eyes.

I pulled the side drawer open and searched high and mighty for the wrapper.

"They all done ?" I asked in disbelief.

"Threw them away right after I met you ." He spoke with a grin yet his eyes smiling.

I wrapped my legs on his hovering body.

"Oh I'm so ready. " I said kissing his chin.

The basic starters happened and now it was that moment I've been waiting for my whole life.

"Look at me."He said seriously.

My eyes flicked to his and we locked.

He moved in slowly and I finally connected with John.

"You feel good." He said amazed.

My back arched in pleasure and our adventure started .

I woke to the face of my beloved tracing his fingers across my bare back.

"John did you stay awake the whole night ?" I said squinting at his blood shot eyes.

I placed my hand on his cheek.

"I was afraid that if I slept you'd leave again. I told you I'm not letting you out of my sight." he spoke tiredly .

I pulled his head down to my chest and stroked his dirty blonde hair.

"I wont ever leave you ." I whispered as I kissed his head.

He hugged my body and we laid together.

His breathing evened out and I knew that John finally relaxed.

"I love you." I whispered.

He spoke through his telepathic root "My Luna.." .

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