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"Rise and shine sleeping beauty." Maire said as she yanked the curtains open.

"Come on Maire , it's a Saturday ! " I said pulling the cover over my head.

She jumped on my bed standing with her hands on her hips.

"If you don't get up , Then get ready for the ultimate cannon ball!" She threatened.

"Oh ! not the canon ball , I'm so scared." I taunted.

Maire braced herself , I could suddenly here my bed springs creak then a rush of pain hit my legs and back.

I shrieked in pain . We both fell to the floor.

Maire was laughing herself to death.

As I watched her I started laughing as well.

"God you Mother fucker ! how many pounds did you gain ?" I said teasing her.

"I gained weight ?" She said standing quickly then running to the mirror pulling her shirt halfway up.

"Nahh , I'm just kidding." I spoke.

I scratched my head whilst grabbing my pink towel from the hook that was stuck to the back of my room door.

"Be out in 20 ! " I notified her.

I entered the bathroom , and stripped .

I grabbed my toothbrush and paste and entered the shower with it.

I grabbed the cold handle and twisted.

seconds later a rush of cold water hit my warm body.

"JESUS!!!!!" I screamed my lungs out.

I shut the handle as fast as I could and wrapped myself around my towel !


"Oppps...I forgot to tell you that the heater's broken.." She said with a corny smile.

"Damn you blondey! " I yelled as I shuffled to my room.

At least I'm awake now !

"Hey baby Kentry's heaters are broken , mind if we come stay at your place for a few days?" I heard Maire .

I picked out my favorite sweat pants and my UNION T-shirt .

I heard giggles, I shoke my head then carried on.

"Pack your things Izz we're gonna stay at Jack's for a while." She spoke.

"For how long ?" I asked.

"A couple of days ." She said.

"Ah okay? ." I said confused.

" We're going with my car!!" I yelled before she could go any further.

"Whatever!" She snapped back walking into the living room.

I didn't have a problem with crashing at Jack's place , We've done it a million times like when Kentry's door got jammed and none of the students could go in, Or when it flooded because one of the students hit strikes protesting for more allowance.

I pulled out my back pack and neatly folded some clothes in , then shoved all my cosmetics as well.

I pulled it over my back then headed for the door of my room , I grabbed some cash from the jug and headed out.

"Come on Maire !" I yelled from the front of the door , putting my baseball hat on.

I grabbed the keys to my dodge charger.

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