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John P.O.V

I kissed Isabel goodbye and head gestured Lucas .

I walked over to my bike and pulled out my phone from my pocket and sent a text

~I'll be home in twenty~ to my brother Aaron, then raced off to my Dad's house.

10 minutes later -

I was at the front porch , thinking about what my dad said on the phone a couple of minutes ago until the door swung open and snapped me back to reality.

"Hey squirm ." Aaron said with a grin.

Aaron was the oldest then came Trent then me then my younger brother Oddis.

"Who you calling squirm , squirm!" I said grabbing his head and pulling him under my pits .

We wrestled into the living room then finally landed on the couch.

"Still wrestling in the living room , what would your mother say." my dad said shaking his head with a nostalgic smile.

" Hey dad." I said evenly.

He smiled at me then sat on his usual chair.

I noticed that they changed the wallpaper again and hung more pictures of my mom .

It made me happy knowing my dad was moving on and accepting the fact that she's dead.

We all had to at some point.

"How's everything going son ?" He asked peacefully yet concerned.

I smiled because I finally found my mate and couldn't wait to tell them.

"Dad...I found my mate." I spoke.

His face fell down after he heard the sentence I just said.

He looked over at Aaron only to see the same face planted.

"What ?" I said gruffly.

Aaron ploughed back onto the couch rubbing both his hands on his face.

"Shit." He said under his breath.

"When ?" My dad asked me looking serious.

"2 months ago." I answered back starting to get tensed.

"Did you mate with her ?" He asked again.

"No. But I clamied her." I answered feeling uneasy , I haven't seen my dad make that face ever since my mom died.

"So close." Aaron said relieved .

"What the fuck Aaron , whats going on ?" I said standing up and looking down at them.

"If you make love to your mate ... You will end up killing her in the end." My dad explained.

My eyes widened.

The fuck ?

"Dad , you been drinking again?" I said raising my voice.

"He's not kidding John ." Aaron said with a firm tone .

"Our family is cursed , if we ever find our mates we end up killing them when they turn." My dad explained blowing a big huff and relaxing on his usual arm chair.

" But Isabel isn't a werewolf !" I spoke with anger.

"You claimed her didn't you ! Meaning she will turn eventually!" My dad yelled .

"Now sit your ass down and listen." He ordered.

I sat down with agitation.

I grew angrier by the minute .

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