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The long way the two took back home was different.

The vibrating sounds of the bus kept Isabel from any sleep.

Although that was the least of her problems .

She was distracted by how John sat two seats infront of her.

He was living up to his promise.

He was already putting a distance between them.

He was changing she thought out.

She hugged herself even though she wasn't cold.

She was trying to fill the void that John left her.

She then realized that she never heard his side of the story.

She was also at fault.

Maybe it was her.

Maybe she wasn't enough for him .

She sat in silence rushing irrelevant thoughts through her head, until she felt a tear run down her face.

She sniffed and wiped it off quickly so that no one would notice.

She's crying..John said to himself.

He clenched his jaw and his hands turned into fists.

He needed to get off.

His face was turning red and his inner wolf was battling his humanity, He shoved himself of the chair and walked hard towards the bus driver.

"STOP THE BUS!" He barked at the driver.

The driver didn't hesitate with pressing the bus brakes , John ripped the door open leaving the whole bus at a gawk.

Isabel stood as fast as she could and ran out the bus after John.

Fear filled within her yet she kept going.

Passing several people with confused faces on the street.

"John!" She yelled through the hot atmosphere.

She jogged over to him.

"John wait up !" She yelled again gaining up on him.

"LEAVE!" He growled.

"NO!"She said grabbing his elbow and swinged his body to face her.

"What happened on the bus ?" she said concerned.

Both his hands pressed on the sides of his head .

He shook with anger.

She wanted to hold on.

She knew how much John was suffering.

She knew he held his feelings tight to himself.

"Why did you do it ? why did you sleep with her ? Why did you stride in to the apartment with another woman and make me look like I was worthless to you ?" She spoke .

He turned around and looked at her.

He strode up to her and banged her to the wall .

"Because I found out that if I ever mate with you ..I end up killing you." He said through gritted teeth.

" I got drunk out of the madness I was going through..I wanted to block it out but in the end I wrecked our whole relationship." He said glaring at her.

Isabel put her hand over her mouth as her body started to Jerk up and down .

She started crying.

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