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I huffed into my seat , my heart racing .
My fists clenched when I thought of the scenario we had a few minutes ago.

Jack slid into the drivers seat followed by Maire opposite him.
" Isabel what happened ?" Jack asked worriedly .
"Nothing." I said starting to get ticked off again.
"So John stormed out of the bar dragging you with him then he suddenly gets all pissed over nothing ?" Jack said sarcastically.

"He nicked me of a guy I was having a drink with ! Telling me he was some fucking rapist ! " I yelled .
"Wait what ?" Maire yelled.

"Did he have scar on his face ?" Jack questioned .
"You wouldn't call it a scar Jack ! It's doesn't even show !" I retorted .
"That's Travis chase , he was arrested for attempt rape a year ago and he's still on probation." Jack explained.
My heart grew heavy as the guilt started to flow in . I tried ignoring but it was no use.

"Call him and find out where he is ." I asked Jack.
"What's with the tone Pine ?" He spoke .
"Please Jack!" I pleaded.
He pulled out his phone and dialed Johns number, I could hear the mild rings from his phone.
My heart beats growing faster with it .
"What ?" I heard his gruff voice say.
"Where are you ?" Jack asked.
"Fucking Red , Why?" He questioned.
" She wants to see you ." Jacks voice grew softer.
"No." Johns voice spoke through the speaker then the line cut.
"Drop me over at Red." I demanded.
"No Izz it's not safe !" Maire yelled.
I couldn't fix the way I was thinking , The guy literally saved me from something I know wouldn't pass as my life and I just fucking brushed him off with cheap come backs .
Jack was driving at a reasonable speed level I looked out the window to check on the place I was going to land in , Jack turned a corner and I jumped out!

My knees scraped the ground causing the wound to mix with gravel , the blood oozing out was ignored as I heard Jack and Maire scream their lungs out.
Jack started to back up . There was no way I would let them stop me ! After I did that!
I made a run for it , my heels being
dragged on the floor as I struggled
Because of my knee .

I hid behind a broad green dumpster , and waited till my charger passed.

I took of my heels and held them both in one hand . I walked on the side walk hearing honks from guys making there way down to I suppose a club or bar. finally I reached Red and made my way to the door .
I showed my ID to the bodyguard and entered , my eyes sprinting all around the room looking for him .
"Hey sweet cheeks , you here alone ?" A guy said sliding his hands down my back.
"I'm asking you nicely , please remove your hand from where it is ." I spoke.
"Feisty , I like feisty ! " The guy retorted. I could smell alcohol from the dirty guys breath .
I grabbed his hand from behind my back but before I had a chance to chin him John was already pounding his face.
My face turned in awe at how fast he was hitting him.
"Fucking bastard ! You dare put you hands on my mate !!" He said pounding his face .
"John , stop !!!!!! John !" I said screaming and pulling him back to his feet .
" Are you okay ?" He said cupping my face.
"Are you hurt?" He asked looking all over my body until he saw my knees.
His face turned even more red and he was about to go for the guy but I stopped him in time .
"He didn't do it! Calm down " I claimed .
" let's go ." He said grabbing my hand and moving me swiftly through the crowd until we were outside.
"I told Jack not to bring you here ! Where is he???" He said hissing.
We walked a few meters and I started limping .
"What happened to your knee ?" He said as he unexpectedly pulled me for a carry (bridal style).
"Wow!" I said astonished .
I could feel his hard biceps around my back.
"Answer my question Isabel ." He said softly .
Johns turned into sweet John again , I could feel it from the way his tone changed.
"I jumped out of the car." I whispered.
"You did what ?"he stopped in place.
"I did it because I had to apologize, John am sorry for screaming at you back at the bar ... I didn't know you were trying to protect me .. I misunderstood." I explained.
His chest was heaving heavily , I could hear his heart beat run rapidly.
"Umm am I to heavy ?" I spoke.
He didn't answer.
We walked a mile in silence , my head on his chest and my legs dangling because of Johns movement.
"Isabel , promise me one thing ... Stop being reckless just because you insist on doing something ." He said softly. I could see Jacks apartment building appear.
I didn't want to leave this position, I wanted to stay under him for a little longer . "Yeah..I promise" I said easily.
He huffed in relief .
He climbed the stairs to the apartment and He set me down on the floor .
He pulled out his keys .
I waited patiently .
He grabbed me right above the elbow and led me into his apartment.
"Let's get that wound fixed ." He demanded.
He picked me up and placed me on the marble counter that was connected to the kitchen.
He took out a first aid box and set it next to me .
" You seriously are something miss o'conell " he murmured .
I couldn't help a chuckle .
I winced at the sting that struck me because of the sanitation.
"Sorry." He said .
I looked at how swollen his knuckles were when he was brushing of the blood on my knee.
I put my hand over it and picked his hand up and stared at it .
I grazed my fingers over his knuckles , then looked up at him and caught him staring at me.
"You have anger issues." I said setting it down.
His face crept up to mine , my lips started to ache . My heart beats increasing . Why am I feeling this way around him ?
His breath finally touched my upper lip then he pulled away.
" Your knee is done ." He spoke.
" Oh thanks." I said pulling myself down from the counter .

"You know what ... No fucking way." He said stomping over to me as I reached the door to my room.
Both his hands blocked the sides of my head as he slammed me on it . My back facing the light brown door.
His eyes piercing mine "Isabel.." His voice grew gruff and sexy .
He pulled his lips over to my ear.
"your my mate Isabel , my mate.." He whispered. The small vibrations he created with his voice made me shiver and goosebumps started to form.
I'm attracted to this guy in a hundred different ways , I jumped out a car for this guy what next ?
I exhaled .
I want him.
I need him.
I could see his thick veins bulge out from his bare arms .
I looked at him pink lips.
I can't take this anymore .
I plunged my lips on his and let his tongue explore my mouth , I did the same . Stopping for breaths then continuing . "Oh god Isabel , you seriously are the one .." He managed to speak . I curled my legs around his waist .
He opened the door to his room and laid me on his bed.
Flash backs of that day appeared in my mind and I pulled out , shoving him away from me . I started shivering next thing I know my cheeks were smudged with tears.
Johns face was confused and furious.
"Isabel wh-" he couldn't finish .
I already rushed out out of the room and headed for mine locking it behind me ,I then headed for the bathroom and locked it as well . I sat down on the cold floor and started crying .
"Isabel !!!!!!" Johns voice grew loud .
"Please !!! No !!!" I said screaming remembering that day .
John kicked down the toilet door and grabbed me and held me hard in his arms .
" No ! No .." I struggled , squirming.
"Calm down ! Izz , calm down.." he said stroking my hair lightly.

Still in the bathroom I was kept on his lap , I was still shivering and he was still covered around me , rocking back and forth to sooth me.
"Izz .. What's up ." He spoke .
"Did you feel uncomfortable ? You should tell me to stop , don't just run all freaked out like that. Your scaring me." He said easily.
My nerves started to calm down , the hairs standing on my hands finally laid still .
He kissed my ear .
"It's alright ." He whispered.
"What the fuck happened here ??!!!" Jacks voice blurted out.
"Isabel ! "Maire yelled as she saw my condition .
"What happened ?" She asked John.
"The seizure Maire .. Can you please grab my pills ?" I asked slowly releasing my self from John.
"What pills ?" John asked.
"Isabel , what are the pills for ??" He asked again .
"Jack , please." Maire pleaded and gestured Jack to take John out of the bathroom.
"Isabel talk to me." He yelled as he was being helped out.
My legs were shaking as I took the pill.
"It's okay babe , it's okay." Maire said stroking my head.

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