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"Its done , step out of the corner mutt." Spoke Chauncey with high authority.

John glared at him with fierce eyes but he knew he had no time to lose , so he let his irritation slide and made his way to the door changing into his natural form. Wolf.

"If he asks where I've gone , you know nothing." Jack spoke with determination.

The pack member he spoke to nodded heavily and watched Jack walk out the cabin.

John bolted as the sent of his mate led the way , as he grew closer the sent of burnt wood came through his nose .

His eyes grew with worry as he grew closer to his destination.

He halted at the site of the burning warehouse.

His heart clenching , thinking of the worst case scenario that could happen.

"Help!!" Yelled a faint voice.

John jerked his head to the back entrance and hightailed the door breaking it into two.

He was amazed at how the fire spread through the warehouse , flickers of ash were dragged around and smoke drowned him in place.

He covered his nose with his hand and skimmed the fire burning room.

"HELP!" He heard again.

He shoved himself into the patch of fire blocking him and came out the other side spotting a figure lying on the side of a wall.

He heard her cries wail around with pain.

He dashed for his mate.

"Isabel !!! " He said kneeling to his knees examining her.

His eyes went blood shot red as he picked up on her leg.

"John ! " panicked Isabel .

She coughed hoarsely .

"Its going to be okay , I'll get you out of here. " He rushed in agitation.

He moved down to her leg auditing it , he weighed his outcome... either pull out the nails and get her out of there safe , or burn right there right now.

He looked back at his mate clenching his jaw.

He grabbed the first nail with his index and thumb and yanked it hard with difficulty seeping through his throat.

He pressed his eyes together as he heard her piercing scream.

"GET THEM OUT NOW !" Her inner wolf yelled.

John applied pressure on her right leg then pulled out the second one , the same process and ritual happened 4 more times , each time her scream growing louder.

"One more baby ... one more." John said holding back the feel of crying , wishing he could take her place.

Isabel bent her head backwards , gripping her teeth together ready to take the last one in.

John yanked it out and wasted no time catching his fainting girlfriend.

"I'll get you out of here Isabel ." He said standing up with his mate bridal style on his arms.

He whisped through the fire like two winds clashing together.

He dropped down onto the grass , placing her on it and watching her figure heal.

He panted with exhaustion.

"Jo..hn."Whispered Isabel.

He held her up in his hands and kissed her soot covered lips.

"Thank the Gods and my ancestors ." He said kissing her forehead rapidly.

Isabel placed her hands on a wound he got on his left eyebrow, "Why do you always get the same wound in that same place." She asked smiling lightly.

"I don't know .. you tell me." He said pulling her chin up.

She plunged into him , looping into his mouth , in and out until she drew out for breath.

He hugged her tightly .

"There's no way I'm letting you out of my site ever again you hear me you stubborn ass." He spoke into her ear.

She smiled but it didn't last for long.

" I need to see her John." Isabel said pressing her head hard against his chest.

She shivered in fear.

"I can't believe she's really gone." She said whispering through her tears.

John knew that if he said anything it would amount to nothing so he just held her tight against him showing her that he was going to share every string of pain she felt.

"Thank you all for coming to help us celebrate Maire-belle's life and share our grief at her passing , and know a few words from one of her closest friends Isabel Pine. " Spoke the priest.

Isabel closed her eyes and took in a deep breath letting her nerves calm down.

She stood brushing out her dark navy blue dress and strode to the wooden coffin.

Her legs shook knowing her one and only best-friend was laying there lifeless , she tilted her head back to let the tears flow back into her eyes and began her speech, "When I think of Maire as a child, I remember how much she loved exploring the ravine behind our house. Half of our summers were spent wandering through the woods, looking for crayfish under rocks along the creek, climbing trees, and generally doing things that would have given our parents gray hair much sooner if they knew what we had been up to each day." Isabel chuckled to herself and sniffed then resumed ,

"I have to share one memory that really illustrates Maire's fearless, and sometimes impulsive, nature. Some of the neighborhood boys had built a rope swing in a tree along the ravine's edge. Maire, being fearless, decided to give it a try.

As she swung out over the edge, one of the boys jokingly called out, "Jump!" My heart leapt to my throat as I saw Maire let go of the rope on her next swing out. Luckily she wound up with nothing more than skinned knees and a sheepish grin that said she couldn't believe she had just done that, but it just goes to show what a risk taker she was.

More than a simple risk taker, Maire also had a generous soul, as I'm sure many of you here this morning can attest to. She never met a person in need that she didn't find some way of helping. She might have had the worst language to speak about with but I don't think she would be Maire if she didn't , so this is my farewell to you Maire-belle , I love you so much." Ended Isabel .

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