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John pulled the guy from his shirt ,

"Where is she ?" He said gruffly.

"She comes here every Thursday to train .. I swear man I dont know where she lives she never gave an address on her form." The guy said shivering.

John dropped him down with a shove.

He was getting angry and frustrated.

He was so close yet he felt like he was taking a few steps back.

He pushed the gym door open and walked on the street with his hands in his pockets.

6 weeks , this girl is gonna drive me crazy! He thought to himself.

He rubbed the beard he had grown over the few months he spent looking for her.

Thursday. Thursday is my only chance . He spoke to himself.

If I have to wait all day , I will.

She's still mine .

She will always be mine.

She's not going to slip away that easily.

She's worth fighting for.

She's the only person who could put up with my shit.

Losing her meant losing half of my self , he said to himself.

He pulled his hood up and walked down to the motel he booked a few hours ago.

Isabel walked to the gym with her black hood up , covering her face.

She adjusted the gym bag on her shoulder as she climbed the stairs.

She signed in and walked down the hall ready to start off.

As she entered the locker room to change ,she heard a rustle in the shower.

It was 5.00AM who would be here at this hour she thought to herself she normally wouldn't find anyone at the gym at that time.

She readied her self by planting her feet on the floor and raising her fists to her face.

The footsteps grew closer.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been looking for you ?" Hissed his gruff voice.

She recognized that low husky voice and lunged for the door.

No .. He can't .. how did he ? she said thinking to her-self.

I covered my tracks how the hell did he find me?-.. She said almost wanting to cry.

She heard the man gain up on her..

He wasn't slowing down and she wasn't getting any faster.

She headed for the park across the street .

She saw the figure gain on her.

She bolted through the grass but couldn't last longer because John's strong hands gripped her elbow making her trip and fall onto the scrappy grass filled ground .

He held her hands above her head looking red.

His lips bulging red.

"Why?" He barked at her.

She turned her head to the side , blocking her self from looking at his vexed face.

He shook her.

"Look at me !" He yelled.

His face shaking with rage.

She squirmed from under him but couldn't budge .

She couldn't recognize him with the blonde beard spread around his face.

He looked different.

Her eyes teared up .

"Let me go." She whispered.

"Please." She added.

"What is this ?" He said lifting one of his hands and touching a strand of her dirty blonde hair.

He grew disgusted at how much she wanted to hide herself from him.

"6 weeks .. that's 42 days Isabel. 2,520 hours ." He said looking straight down at her.

"Do you know what I've been going through just by thinking about you and what you've been doing for the past couple of months ?" He added.

"Why'd you leave ? You could have dealt with it in another way . Everyone's worried about you ! Maire , Jack , Lucas..........me." He said lecturing her.

"If you didn't want to see me you could have just told me , I would have stayed away from you I! would have left." He said moistening his dry lips.

She was smeared with tears on her face. Her chest jerking up and down because of the continuous sobs.

"How could I stay there knowing that you never loved me." She spoke.

"You just used me!" She added.

"You made a promise ! you said you would wait for me! " She sniveled.

"and what do I get ? You coming home drunk with a prostitute." She added with anger.

She nudged harder this time.

John's heart clenched tight knowing that he failed yet again another important person in his life.

He made the choice to change but to do that he had to patch up his past and move on.

"I was drunk Isabel ! I made a mistake ! and I'm paying for it ! I get that you don't want to see me anymore but go back to your friends ! They're going crazy ." He said holding his tears back.

It was hard for him to cope with excluding himself from her.

"I made a promise to them , giving them my word that I would bring you back." He said firmly hiding his sense of emotion.

"Too bad .. Your gonna break this one as well." Isabel said coldly.

He ignored her retort.

"I"ll leave." He said disappointed.

"If you go back. I'll leave." He explained further.

"YOU DON"T GET IT ! " Isabel yelled in frustration.

"He's going to come for me !" She shrieked.

"We'll work it out !" He said with determination.

"You don't have to deal with this alone." He added with sympathy.

"We're all here for you ! why can't you see that ? " He said with resentment.

"I don't want anyone to get hurt." She spoke .

"especially you guys."she added .

"We can take care of ourselves!" He said rasply.

For the past 6 weeks she made a promise to herself that she would keep away from John and the rest to keep them out of danger .. She longed for them.

She missed the time she had with them .

John was right . They were all capable of taking care of themselves , She was being selfish.

She smelt John's nostalgic smell and nodded.

"Okay .. I'll go back." She accepted.

John's face lightened and he unhooked himself from her.

He nodded at her and stood up.

"I'll meet you at the gym at 5 tomorrow morning." He spoke with contrast.

This time he felt different.

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