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I tossed and turned on the cold hard bed for 2 hours trying to get to sleep.

I turned to look at the digital watch set on the bedside table.

The green light of the numbers blinded me , I squeezed my eyes shut then opened them again to get a clear view of them only to see that it was 2:34 AM.

I groaned and got out of bed. My steps made creeks on the wooden floor. I walked to the door of the room and opened it like it would break any second if I applied anymore force.

The light of the corridor sprinted through the door and I could see a figure sit against the wall crouching its head into the space his legs made.

"John..John what the hell are you doing out here."I whispered.

He lift his head from the space and looked at me with tired red eyes.

"Come on get up .."I said clenching his wrist .

His biceps tensed when my hand touched his.

"Are you okay Isabel?"He asked softly.

I pressed my lips and tugged on him to get up again.

His chest was opposite my face as he stood up, the smell of cigarette and mint rushed through my nose.

He had this unique smell.. I kind of liked it , it feels warm.

His chest was heaving . My heart was beating.

"I'm fine."I whispered.

My heart beats tensed that I could hear it in my ears now.

I stared up at his pink lips.

'' I can't sleep because of you , I can't eat because of you and all I think about is you.. Tell me is that normal ?" He whispered hardly.

My eyes start to gain tears.

I'm to attracted to him.

I want him.

He intertwines his fingers to mine and he lifts me up to the height of his face, Our lips 3mm apart .

"Isabel.."He huffed and his bottom lips touched mine creating a hot sensation in that exact area.

I exhaled .

"I can hear you heart beats Isabel , I can feel you ... Isabel your mine , mine only..my mate .." He whispered in my ears.

There he goes again with the word mate..

"John .why do you keep saying that ...Whats a mate?" I asked.

He sets me down still holding my hand , he pulls me into my room and closes the door behind us.

"Those heart beats your having right now , I'm having them twice as much...A mate is the life long partner of werewolf Isabel , I smelt you and knew you were mine from the first day we met ..The way your attracted to me is because you already know it..You feel the need of me anywhere and everywhere .. I know you want me." He spoke.

My hands start shaking.

"Wow wow wow!...Calm down ." He said bring my fingers up to his face, he smelled it then carried me bridal style to the bed.

"Don't worry I wont hurt you .."He spoke softly into my hair.

We both laid down side by side , me under his arm.

His smell...It calms me.

The light rays of the moon light squeezed its way through the curtains to make a triangular shape on the bed sheet we were covered in.

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