Upcoming books by sad-sim
Upcoming booksby Sad-Sim
This consist of my book idea that I'm contemplating to publish on Wattpad. Their all different romance varieties. Please enjoy and tell me which one to publish after I h...
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Hinny Forever by Alex25018
Hinny Foreverby Ginny Weasley
What if Harry was there for Ginny after the chamber of secrets. Takes place after Chamber Of Secrets.
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Hoodie (Auston Matthews) by seeyoulater1988
Hoodie (Auston Matthews)by Lisa
One cold winter night in downtown Toronto, young Maple Leaf's star encounters a trouble girl who suffers from depression and has made several attempts to commit suicide...
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Nung Simula by Kawairosescarlet
Nung Simulaby Scarlet Rose
Inantay kita, na pagod ako. Ikaw na naghihintay sakin, di ka ba napapagod?
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Reiji Sakamaki(Fan Fiction Of Diabolik lovers) by DAEHANMINGUG
Reiji Sakamaki(Fan Fiction Of CREATOR MIN
May gets quite a mission to be a housekeeper for either Manor. She has to wash, kitchen cooking, laundry, dishwashing and taking care of the little ones that are soon to...
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The Goddess - Avengers (Loki x Reader) by Forest_Weasel
The Goddess - Avengers (Loki x Forest_Weasel
You are Y/N M/N L/N. The goddess of darkness, intelligence, and magic. Your powers are darkness and magic, you knew every single spell like the back of your hand. You we...
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I hate people with a passion. by kloe22098
I hate people with a butterfliesinmymind
You know, I fucking hate humanity I'm misanthrope.. however, there's a lot of misanthropes that go around (and I do this too) and basically justify your hatred for the s...
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Big Brother Taking "Care" of You by Jay_134992
Big Brother Taking "Care" of Youby Jaiona Miller
hi this is my first story ever
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Tác giả Đang cập nhật Tình trạng Đang tiến hành Thể loại Manhua - Mystery - Romance NỘI DUNG Bị một con ma cà rồng nhìn chằm chằm sẽ làm cảm giác thế nào? Còn là một...
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No Voice, Yes Words by SakuraiS
No Voice, Yes Wordsby Soara
Pairing: Any Pair You Want.....^^ Summary: Just Read The Story... XD
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Our Halal Dating  by niqabi578
Our Halal Dating by niqabi578
#246 in spiritual (not so bad right?.be thankful always ) When u dream for a perfect fairy tale and hope that ur prince charming will come on a white horse and sweep...
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