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All the pack members stormed into the cabin catching up with what happened.

John skimmed past all of them noticing that Isabel was missing.

"WHERE IS SHE !" He barked.

In shreds the pack members looked at one another hoping that she was just hiding between their big muscular bodies.

"She was right ahead of us when we left , I'm a hundred percent sure..She had to beat us here!! " Spoke one pack member with difficulty.

"FUCKING QUIM!!!! ! HE'S GOT HER AGAIN ! " Banged John on the barrier.

"HE'S GOING TO KILL HER !!!!!!!!!" He Barked.

He growled at his pack members with madness and exasperation.

"I KNOW A WITCH THAT COULD HELP" Spat a member , he caught John's attention .

"I WANT HIM HEAR IN 10 minutes YOU HEAR ME !" Thundered John.

The member nodded hastily at him and ran out of the cabin.

"LUCAS ! " Shrieked Isabel as the smoke started to choke her.

He left her.

The fire blazed high and mighty in the warehouse Lucas left her in to die.

He bolted her right leg to a wall with 6 nails , this time making sure she couldn't break free.

Isabel wailed in anguish as her nerves recepted several different pain structures into her leg.

She knew Lucas was long gone .

She had to accept the fact that a second time was not a lucky chance for her to be found.

She had to put up with knowing that she might die today .

She hawked severely at the pain that was causing her throat to burn.

She watched the fire with her gleaming eyes.

She looked at her dirty hands that were covered with soot , dust and gravel.

She teared at her pathetic-self .

Her best-friend died and now she's about to die too ,what next ? she fought with herself.

She laid on the hard ground as the only passage of oxygen was at foots level .

She screamed with all her might hoping that someone would eventually find her.

She was at least going to try and save herself,

Not for her but for Maire , she wanted her best-friend to be buried properly and around the people she loved.

"ANYONE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ! HELP ME ! " She cried.

She banged her fists onto the ground in frustration !

"HELP!!!!!" She howled.

"Where the fucks Chauncey !" Yelled John from behind the barrier.

"He'll be here in 3 minutes you dumb fuck ! Now sit your ass down !" Yelled Jack in irritation.

John could see the hurt Jack was trying to cover up with his anger , he knew he was grieving inside so he did as he was told even though he was burning with rage at the fact that his girlfriend could already be dead.

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