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John turned on his smelling senses and smelled the blood left on the window shield by Lucas.

He knew that if Lucas was injured the stench of his blood would speed up his search for him.

His nose flared as he started to smell his blood in the air.

He pulled out his phone and called Jack.

" I need you to get the pack ready and make sure Maire has the shield spell." John spoke as soon as he heard Jack pick up.

"John what happened ?" Jack said confused.

"No time to explain, Lucas has Isabel ! I need the pack ready in 30 minutes Jack . Don't let me down ! " John husked into the phone.

He locked his phone and stuffed it in his pocket .

"I'm coming you son of a bitch." he said jumping out of the 3 leveled building.

Isabel kept struggling with her hands against the rope that tied them.

"Lucas why are you doing this ?" She pleaded.

She was to vulnerable to make a move as she had no advantage at being tied by the legs and hands.

"For fun." Lucas said bluntly with a grin as he crept up to her.

He brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear .

"Get your hands off me." She said shaking .

He was the man that raped her , He could do it again she thought.

"Oh really ?" He said licking her neck.

"Lucas... Please" She huffed with disgust.

"I'm so sorry John.." she said trying not tear.

"Its still John huh ! Maybe I should FUCK some sense into you !" He said grabbing her cheek bones with his hard hands.

Isabel struggled hard against him , She couldn't let any of it happen again.

"Look at the fear in your eyes ." He said shoving her face to the side.

"Don't worry , you'll come running to me in a few hours time Isabel." Lucas explained as his lips lifted to the side.

He winked at her and left the cabin.

What the hell does he mean by soon ? Isabel kept thinking.

John used his wolf speed to cover the woods and ordered his pack to search town.

He soon came to a stop and felt his heart squeeze, he felt hurt yet he didn't know why ..He thought for a moment , the only way he could feel things randomly was if he was connected to his mate , but to feel the telepathy between them they both had to be ..

"Werewolves." he said out loud.

"She's turning ..." He barked.

He then smelt it.

The strong metalic smell of blood , "He's close.." He said to himself.

He shifted into his wolf and followed the stench.

Isabel started to feel cramps on her lower stomach , she bent down as a gesture to ease the pain.

The pain pierced her chest this time and she wailed as hard as she could .

"LUCAS!" She yelled .

"LUCAS!" She shrieked again out of agony.

Lucas barged in looking amused .

" Its happening ! " He yelled outside.

" Guard the door ! I don't want any interruptions." Lucas commanded to the two men standing outside.

He closed the door and locked it .

Isabel arched her back at the pain that was causing her .

She started weeping with torture .

She screamed her lungs out as her bones started to break one by one.

John bolted until he came to a complete stop after hearing his beloved mate scream in agony.

He snapped his teeth and lunged for the front door.

He was suddenly pulled back by a silver bullet and whined like a hurt dog.

He stood up on all his fours again but was shot twice rapidly .

John's large body fell to the floor , he was half conscious .

If she turns , the first thing she'll do is mate... he spoke to himself.

"NO!" his inner wolf barked at him.

"That bastard is inside with her ! are you gonna let him take her you pathetic fuck ?" Raged his inner wolf.

"Isabel is ours and we're going to get her ! you hear me ! " it added.

John heard his cousins gain into the woods .

He spoke to them , explaining to them he'd been shot and needed healing from Maire.

Jack answered back saying that they were on their way.

John's eyes grew wide and hard as he heard every scream his mate was taking without him when she changed.

He was suppose to be there for her , he was suppose to hold her and ease her pain , but all he's doing is lying dead like on the floor.

Jack and two other werewolves took out the men that shot John.

Maire was already working on healing him, he'd be up in no time.

"John , We're going in !" Jack said desperately as heard Isabel's wailing voice.

"NO! I GO IN ALONE." He said through gritted teeth.

"MY MATE." He groaned as the pain exceeded.

"Babe hurry up , there's no time." Jack said seriously to Maire.

" I'm trying." She said wiping her pale face.

Finally Isabel's last bone broke and her neck cocked to the side.

Lucas watched her with a grin on his mouth.

Her eyes turned full black , covering her caramel irises .

Her fangs blared out of her mouth .

She tugged on the rope and and its snapped into two .

She lunged for Lucas .

Lucas kissed her lips hardly and so did she , His hands slid under her shirt and ripped it .

She tore his shirt and shoved him to the wall , next wrapping her legs around him as he sucked on her neck.

John noticed that the screaming stopped , he didn't waste a second of his breath, he got up half wounded and ran for the cabin door , slamming it open.

He caught Isabel and Lucas wrapped in one another against the wall and that is when his little fire became a blaze.

Isabel caught site of him and her heart rate started to increase . MATE! Yelled her inner wolf .

"ISABEL CALM DOWN !" Barked John.

She snarled at him .

"Isabel , its me.. Calm down.." John said creeping up to her .

She scratched him with her new claws.

He clenched his jaw and wrapped his arms around her , holding her down.

" Listen to me ! " He yelled in her ear.

Isabel's hard face started to loosen.

" Get a hold of yourself ! " He spoke.

Isabel let out a calming growl and melted into her mates arms gaining her senses.

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