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I woke up with a brush of hot lips.

"Mornin'n."He said winking at me.

I grew into a small smile and hugged the bare white pillow.

I groaned then sat up lifting myself off the bed.

I walked over to the bathroom and grabbed my brush applying toothpaste on it.

As soon as the foam grew all over my mouth John swooped in and sat me up on the sink.

"So , what do you want to do today ?" He asked grinning.

"Go to collage." I said spitting some foam out.

His lips grew inches apart from mine.

"I don't think you want to go to collage." He said before licking the first bit of foam that covered my lips.

I smirked then pushed him back with my foot until my maroon painted toe nail was touching the middle of his chest.

"I think I do." I taunted.

"I'll be waiting outside." He said showing those pearls.

I washed off the rest of the foam then stared at myself in the mirror thinking about the dream I had yesterday .

It grazed several parts of my heart, seeing John suffer on the ground like that was the least of my worries , what if it was Jack and Maire ?


I pulled a strand of my hair behind my ear, I'm not running anymore .

I'm going to face the son of a bitch, then I'm gonna live my life just the way I want to.

I was devoured by that state of mind for a couple of minutes then I snapped back to reality .

My daily ritual was done and I was on the counter table eating cereal with John.

"Is that the 3rd bowl ? " I yelled in astonishment.

He nodded and walked over to the cereal box.

"Man you werewolves have appetites!" I exclaimed.

"Trust me , we could be sitting here all day." He said sitting back down and pouring the milk.

" I'm stuffed and heading off!." I notified.

"But your first class doesn't start until 11:50." He assured.

"I need to pass by the music store to get One republic's new album , they're limited and at half price." I said almost on my toes .

"I'll take you." He said standing up from his chair.

"N0. You sit down and finish your homework, Relying on you is the last thing I need. I'm already a burden living here ." I spoke.

"Don't you dare say that again Isabel., I mean it." His eyes grew serious.

"Heck I'd have you move in here right now !" He said wide eyed .

"Wow ! wow! slow down bucko, I take back what I said." I said pulling my hands in front of me waving them in a fast left to right motion.

"Good. Now sit your ass down and wait for me to finish my cereal ." He commanded.

The tone he used with me was harsh and possessive but that was what a girl needed , she needed to know that she belongs to someone . She needed to know that he wouldn't take no for an answer. Someone that would lead her through her life swiftly but not fully controlling it to an abusive extent.

I sat on the metal counter chair and watched him sip the last of his milk of the bowl.

I smiled warmly.

"Alright lets go !" He said grabbing the keys to his bike and wrapping his arms around my waist.

We were soon in tacked then we rode off.

The bell that tinged on the music store's door felt nostalgic , the fresh smell of newspaper was one of the things that triggered a memory with me and my mom .

" Hey Earl!" I yelled from the middle aisle , John was browsing next to me over some punk band CD, His taste in music was ...I can't even explain it , he's lucky he's good looking.

" Hello sweetheart ." His old sweet voice spoke from inside the store room .

"You here to pick up Mairebelle's CD? " He asked slouching to the counter in his tiny form.

"Earl , is it me or did you grow alot more handsome ? "I said smiling honestly.

"Thats why you were one of my favorites , and who's the lad standing over there?" He asked smirking at me.

He winked then I called John over.

"This is Earl , Maire's uncle and my soon to be husband."I taunted.

His face scrunched up creating a frown on his head.

I let out my hand and caught Earl giving it a high five.

"Gotcha." Earl croaked.

I giggled.

John's face was released and his upper lip turned up.

"He knew my mom as well." I added.

John's eyes turned soft.

My hand was still left on the table and Earl managed to grab it and squeeze it.

"And you look exactly like her !" He said smiling , revealing massive amounts of tooth space.

I popped up One republic's new album , "I'll take this as well."

John took out his wallet.

"Oh no you don't!" I said smacking a $20 dollar note on the wooden counter.

He frowned then put it back in his back pocket.

He looks extra good in white.

"Here you go! say hi to Mairebelle for me ! tell her I'm still waiting on that cheesecake she promised." He said passing the plastic bag with his shaking hands.

"Will do Earl, Take good care of yourself!" I yelled leaving the store.

" I like him." John said putting on his gloves.

"Yeah.." I said feeling heartbroken.

"The guy lost his wife and kids in a car accident 10 years ago." Sympathy was all I felt.

John squeezed my fingers and smiled , " Like I said , shit happens and it changes you for the better."

I get my self ready to climb the bike.

"Leaving so soon Bella ?" A familiar voice spoke.

I turned around and my face grew into a huge beam.

"NO WAY!" I yelled taking my helmet off and dropping it to the floor.

I ran up to him and koala bear hugged him.

"I can't believe its you Lucas!" I said looking at his face then pulling him into a hug again.

He embraced me strongly .

"God I missed you Isabel ." He whispered into my ear.

"I missed you too! "I said snuggling into his neck.

"Okay.." John said pulling me off Lucas and placing me behind him.

Shit. I forgot.

"Lucas this is John." I introduced.

"John this is Lucas one of my good friends." I explained.

Lucas extended his long hands , I noticed that he'd grown fitter, more musculus.

He was a scrony kid when we were young , he changed alot ever since I moved away .

Something about him made me feel relaxed.

I missed the guy .

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