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Lying on that cold bed was different.

My eyes were glued open all night .

Everytime I'd close them I'd see John.

My heart clench when I saw the light rays come through the curtains.

I turned over , tucking my self under the covers until the door opened.

"Isabel." Lucas whispered.

"You awake ?" He added.

I didn't answer.

I wanted to be left alone.

I felt pathetic.

I felt fragile, and most of all I felt humiliated.

He closed the door.

I fell for a guy that couldn't hold on for a while ... they're all the same.

I made that mistake twice .

Can I be anymore stupid ?

I've been letting people manipulate me and I'm tired off it.

I'm officially done.

I heard my phone vibrate under my pillow.

I figured it was John but when I pulled it out from under my it, it read "UNKNOWN NUMBER".

A memory pulled in and I remembered that .. HE called with it last time .

I didn't know where he was .

I didn't what he was up too .

Answering would change that .

"Hello." I managed to say with my sore throat.

"Isabel." He spoke extending the L.

"God , Just hearing your voice.." He said sucking in air through his teeth.

" You bastard. " I said through gritted teeth trying not cry.

"Feisty as always." He chuckled.

"Where are you ?" I commanded my tone becoming weak , ready to brake.

"You'll see me soon love. Say hi to your little boyfriend and kiss Maire for me." He said enthusiastically.

He knows .

He's been watching me.

I opened my mouth to say something else but the line cut.

I was left hearing the bare tone of a cut phone.

It was time to leave.

It was time to change.

It was time to let go.

Me staying here just puts everyone in danger.

My time here is up .

And I was already prepared for it.

I stood from my bed and pulled a back pack out of my untidy closet.

Filled it in with a shirt , jeans , and my baseball hat .

I opened my drawer and took my wallet out stuffing it into the bag.

I put on black tights , white t-shirt and a zip hoddie .

I picked up my phone from the floor then opened the door to my room quietly and checked if Lucas was still in the living room.

I heard the shower turn on and that was my queue .

I slipped on my black vans and headed out the door making sure to close it quietly.

I rushed down the hall towards the exit door.

I jabbed the red button and pulled my hood up .

I descended the stairs and pulled my phone out.

I slid the back cover open and pulled the battery out , I picked on the sim card and threw it to the ground.

I covered it with sand then pulled both straps of my back pack on my shoulders .

I looked back at Kentry and knew that this would be the last time i would see her.

I nodded to myself then took off on foot to the bus station.

John P.O.V

I hauled the glass coffee table from the floor and smashed it to the ground.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S GONE!" I yelled at Lucas.



"YOU DIDN'T DESERVE HER!" He spat out.


I growled at him .

I was ready to attack,but thought to myself "Would beating this guy up bring Isabel back ?"

I punched a hole in the wall instead of him.

She's gone.

I ruined it.

Just like always.

I slumped to the floor.

"She's gone." I said under my breath.

Tears tickling out.


Lucas stomped out of the dorm.

Isabel. P.O.V

The bus pulled into a quiet town.

I decided to step off choosing this place as my 5 day stay.

I needed to hide.

It was time to change what I looked like .

Maybe that would help me disguise myself more.

I walked into a small shop.

I walked through the aisle of hair color and grabbed a blonde mix.

I grabbed a pair of scissors as well.

"$10.45." The woman said chewing on her gum.

I smacked twenty and left the store.

" Excuse me , your change ! " She spoke in a west accent.

I ignored then walked to a motel I spotted a few miles away .

I walked in and bought my self a room for the 5 upcoming nights.

I opened the moldy door and entered the dusty room.

The curtains were stained.

The bed sheet was brown.

This would have to to do for now. I thought to myself.

I pulled out the scissors from the plastic bag and walked to the bathroom.

I stared at the mirror looking at my tired self.

I pulled a pile of my hair from the back and chop it off.

It dangled at the height of my chin.

I started tearing, by the time I cut all off my face was smeared with tears.

My shoulders shook up and down from the sobs I had to deal with.

I was leaving everything behind.

Everyone behind, and I feel fucking awful.

I knew I was going to pay for it someway.

That whole night was the night I cried till everything was out of my system.

All that love I had for each and every individual in my life .. vanished.

I switched my emotions off.

Isabel Pine disappeared.

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