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"God. how long has it been ? 7 years ?" I spoke out of ease.

" 8 !" Lucas is voice sprang.

His eyes darted in particular areas of my face.

Johns phone rang.

"Yeh. I can make it . be there in 20 ." He said in short answers staring at me.

"What is it ?" I said turning my attention to him.

"Fight in 20 , I have to go." He said hesitant .

"Go kick some ass Reed! " I motivated with a grin.

He pulled me from my waist and kissed my craving lips.

He winked at me then nodded at Lucas gesturing a goodbye then headed off.

Lucas P.O.V

Anger swirled like a red tide within me, rising to choke me. My breath became harsh and shallow and my hands automatically curled into fists at my sides, itching to swing out and put a dent in the wall beside me. She was his girl!

Bella ... If you were mine..

Isabel P.O.V

"SO !" I said nudging his elbow as we walked down the street.

"You ready ?" He asked nudging back.

"That''s why I called right?" I said smiling.

"When did he get out ?" He asked seriously.

"About a week ago." I spoke , kicking a stone of the path walk.

"Then we don't have time to waste .. we start practice tomorrow ." He notified with a marshal sentence.

"You spent to much time in the army boy!" I said teasing after the tone he spoke with.

"Oh really ! " He said tickling me then picking me up from my feet and spinning me around.

He set me down.

"I seriously missed you Bella .." He said with light eyes.

I beamed but noticed the atmosphere.

"Maire dosen't know your here .. Why don't we go surprise her ? " I said changing the subject.

15 minutes later.

I barged into Jack's apartment chucking the plastic bag I was holding on the couch.

Lucas was right behind me.

"She's in the bathroom , wait here." I said .

"Maire!!!" I said in a playful voice as I walked up to the bathroom door.

"What ?" She yelled from the shower.

"Guess who's here? " I taunted.

"Fuck off Izz , its my bathroom time." She yelled again .

"Trust me you would miss your bathroom time for him." I spoke back.

"Him?" She said to herself in the shower.

"LUCAS!" I yelled.

"What ? LUCAS ? LUCAS HAZE? HERE?!" I hear her shriek and pull the shower curtains open.

I heard a drub to the floor and finally the door swung open.

Maire had a towel wrapped around her.

"Where is he ?" She said looking at me.

"You haven't changed at all Maire." Lucas said wrapping his arms up to his broad chest ,grinning.

"LUCAS!" She said running up to him and smacking him with a hug.

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