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I've spent almost 3 weeks with John and I couldn't get enough of him,

spending time with him made me learn alot about him , we practically became bestfriends with all the movies, gossiping ,theme park riding , swimming and shopping.

I stared at myself through the mirror in the bathroom.

I took a piss then headed out.

The heaters in Kentry were fixed a couple of days after me and John's little tantrum.

Come to think of it , I haven't seen him for quite a while now.

I grabbed my phone from the glass coffee table and speed dialed his number.

"Hey this is John, If you can't reach me please leave a message." The answering machine ventured.

I bit my lips feeling curious, He usually called me every morning whats with today ?

I had a bad feeling in my gut so I called Maire to check if she'd seen him or not but she as well didn't answer same goes for Jack.

I grab the keys to my Charger and head off to Jacks apartment .

I plunge the keys into the ignition and the roar of my car eased up my nerves a bit.

I race off.

I stopped at a traffic light near Jack's place and suddenly my phone started to ring , I smiled guessing it was John . I pulled it from the cup holder and looked at the screen.

It was a private number.

I slide to answer .

"Hello." I start the conversation.

"Hey little girl."

That was a familiar voice .

My hands started to shake.

"Who is this? " I managed to let out.


Honked the guy behind me, I pulled over to the side.

" Its been 6 years baby girl." He taunted.

Tears came streaming down my face as my voice trembled.

"I'm coming for you .... make sure yo-"

I ended the call with my quivering hands.

My breathing started to shorten, I opened the drawer in front of the seat beside me and took out my pills.

I popped one in and sipped on the water I left yesterday from the movies.

I soon wiped the tears and called Maire a few hundred times until I reached Jacks apartment.

I barge in finding no one in the living room , I rushed to Jacks room to find her sleeping.

" MAIRE HE'S OUT ! "I yell.

" Who Isabel?" She said sitting up.

She realized who it was after she saw the horror in my eyes

"How did he ? ..." She trailed off.

" Its been six years already..that fast ? " Maire spoke .

" We have to leave. " I say desperate.

"What do you mean leave ? Isabel ? " John's gruff voice spoke from behind me.

I was knocked scared.

" Nothing . " I say hesitant and walked out the door avoiding eye contact.

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