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I closed Maire's door and stood in the hallway.


That Reed guy ...

I pressed my lips.

Is never going to happen .

I tuned myself to reality and headed to my dorm, 3 rooms down from Maire's .

I unlocked the door and inhaled deeply to the usual smell of my room.

I took off my bloody shirt and dumped it in my laundry bag.

"Another good shirt down the drain." I said helplessly.

I stripped and headed to the bathroom to freshen up and get the smell of alcohol out of my hair.

Took about 20 minutes then I was out.

I slipped into my comfy PJ's and dived into my bed spilling all my worries for night.


"Izzz your not listening ! " Maire scram throwing a french fry at me.

"What Maire ?" I said wiping of the watery feeling on my head.

"Roxy from Sigma Tau cheated on Liam the football player. " She blurted.

"Oh god ..those too have been at it for years .. she cheated on him with who ?" I said feeling irritated.

"No one knows, but he's from this collage!" She said fizzyly.

"Now why are you talking about another guy when you have ME?" Jack said creeping up behind her then kissing her .

Ughh! where's Quin when I need him.

She blushed as she taunted with her french fries.

"There he is ! " Jack scram with a smile.

I looked confused then turned around Astonished. I saw John Reed walk over to us.

He wore a white V-neck shirt and a pair of grey sweats with a red baseball hat pulled to the back.

A smile crept up his face when he finally caught my eye , I couldn't help but smile back .

There was something about him maybe it was the dimples??

Jack grabbed his seat next to Maire and that left an empty seat wide open next to me, GREAT!.

He grabbed the chair with his veiny left hand.

I couldn't help but stare.

"Hey ." He said with a smile.

"Hi." I said smiling back.

"You study here?" I added.

He looked amused.

"Yeah am a third year , never see me around cuz I never eat here." He explained.

"Oh , so your in building 3 huh? what's your major?" I asked curiously.

"Medicine." He spoke.

I was surprised with the thought of him ! A freakin kick boxer ! studying medicine.

"Unbelievable right ? This douche scores straight A's like shit.." Jack added.

"Wait! I forgot Jack ! how do you know him ?" I interrogated .

"He's my cousin." He said casually..

"Seriously? " I said loudly.

"Its true . " John agreed.

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