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John heard footsteps outside it was heading for the front door , He adjusted himself on Jack's couch waiting for both of them to come in.

"And I was like so mad when-" Maire eyes dotted to him as soon as they entered the apartment.

"Hey John." She said.

"Where's Isabel ?" She asked still smiling.

Jack appeared through the door holding a bunch of shopping bags.

John's gaze followed how Jack dropped the bags on the floor in exhaustion.

He then again moved his attention to Maire .

Her smile started to fade.

"John , where is Isabel?" She spoke her eyes sprinting .

He looked to the floor.

"What did you do ?" She said stomping over too him and kicking his foot.

He looked up at her . He could see her face redden .

"She's gone."He said under his breath.

He let her grab him by the shirt until he was facing her.

"What did you do you ?" She hissed at me.

" Maire , Maire ! let go .." Jack said pulling her back.

"Where the fuck did she go !" She yelled at him trying to pull out of Jack.

"I don't know ." He said putting his face into his hands and shaking his head.

He regretted the whole thing.

He wished he'd never met Isabel , Maybe she would still be here with Maire and the rest.

She'd be happy, away from a Fuck up like him he thought to himself.

"I screwed things up." His husky voice spoke.

"Let go Jack. I wanna go get my cell." Maire spoke lifting her arms at a surrender gesture.

"Its off! I've been trying to reach her for the last 3 hours!" John said getting frustrated.

"She could be anywhere now ! " Maire said raising her hands.

He suddenly felt like he owed it to everyone to look for Isabel.

It was his fault thus making it his problem and his responsibility to find Isabel.

She couldn't have reached far.

She left a couple of hours ago .

"I'll find her Maire. I promise ." John said walking up to her.

"You make a lot of promises John but you never seem to keep any of them and'now because of your arrogance I don't even know where my best friend is ! She could be dead for all I know ! or- " Maire spoke with intensity.

"I said I would find her , and If i have to die trying I will !" John said with high degree of strong feelings.

He was going to find her .

Week 1

John stepped off the bus and touched the ground of Illinois, he thought that this might be the first stop Isabel took.

He started off at the supermarket close by showing a picture to the cashier but got a harden shake of head.

He came out looking disappointed but knew he couldn't stop there ,he promised he would look for her and he would keep his promise this time . He wanted to make a change , not for himself but for Isabel.

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