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I shoved myself off him.

"What the hell .. The..The thing with your eyes !!!!!! What the hell is going on." I muttered.

Fear grew over my heartache.

He stood up and looked down at me with light green eyes.

My heart was pounding in my chest, my body shaking and my terror filled eyes were wide and stood out against my pale skin. There was a bitter taste in the back of my mouth that i couldn't seem to get rid of and my breath was coming out in ragged gasps. I didn't know what to do and I could barely think over the rising tide of cold fear.

I stood to my feet , my knees shaking .

I had to make a run for it.

I looked back at John's face then sprinted into the hallway.

"ISABEL!" His voice growled as I ran.

"Shit!" I hissed as I caught my breath.

I slammed into the exit door and ran out the building .

The grey clouds covered my head.

Rain was threatening to fall any moment.

I heard the door behind me slam again , I looked back and saw that John was chasing me.

Fear grew greater.

A drop of water smack my face.

Then showers flew down .

I ran as the water splashed on to my legs .

My favorite vans smudged in mud.

My muscles moving uncontrollably.

Then a sudden grip dragged my hand.

"ISABEL! " A brawny voice spoke.

"Let me go !" I shrieked, resisting my heart beats exceeding.

He banged me to a tree on our left.

"LISTEN TO ME ! " He yelled.

I felt his hot breath , The smell of cigar and mint.

He gripped both my hands and pinned them to my sides he was loooking directly at me, I turned my head to the left to not face him.

His huffs blew strands of my baby hair back.

"Listen to me!" He said as his voice grew calmer and his breathing became even.

His eyes changed back to normal.

"I'll explain later." He said beginning to calm down.

Tears threatened to come out because the heartache resumed.

I panted.

I held the tears in and decided to deal with them once I'm alone in my apartment.

He opened the door to Jack's place and took of his hooddie , walking bare chested into a room.

I spotted a stool on the counter table and went for it.

I laid my head on the table thinking about today''s event ,

3 months....

Flash images appeared of Quincy caressing the girl and kissing her.

The tears still provoked making my throat feel heavy.

Was I that stupid ? I spoke to myself.

"Here." John said throwing me a towel.

I held it in hand for a few moments the dried myself off.

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