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He lifted me up on his furry back.

I kinda had the instinct to hold on tight. I grabbed onto his fur positioning my self.

He started to run into the forest ,

trees passing by us swiftly and the crunching of leaves filled my ears.

We headed up a hill then into the mountains , it started to become cold because of the wet night.

I set my feet on the stone ground and waited for John to change back.

"Can I ask a question ?" I scram with my back facing him.

"Go ahead." He replied back.

"um.. Did you bring a pair of clothes ? cuase you know in lots of werewolf movi--"

"Well , if you wanted me naked why didn't you say so ?" He taunted coming out of the tree.

"NO ! NO! " I said covering my eyes with my hands and gesturing him to Shhooo away back behind the tree.

He chuckled.

What a douche.

"Alright you can look now." He notified.

"What you keep a stack of clothes here ?" I asked sarcastically.

"Yeah." He assured.

"Are you serious !?" I blurted out.

"Like a heart attack." He uttered.

"I always come here anyways so I keep a stack just in case." He explained.

"You are full of surprises John Reed," I spoke.

"How did you find out about this place ?" I added.

"Me and my mom used to come here alot before she died." He refined.

"My mom passed away as well so I kinda know what your going through..Sorry for bringing that up though I know it hurts." I apologized.

"Yeah but you kinda get used to it right ? With all the Awk-"

"Awkward pauses . " I finished.

"Yeah." He spoke.

We chuckled.

We sat down on the edge of a cliff not far off.

"So about me and the whole werewolf thing.." He trailed off as he sat himself down.

"Werewolves are set in tribes , Me and Jack come from the Nevan tribe . We turn at the age of 18 but before that we start to develop different skills like our hearing gets more sensitive , we gain more strength... You know the drill ..right ? "He asked.

"Trust me , Maire put me through all the twilight movies I think I have and idea of what your capable off." I spoke.

"Well that's good." He approved.

"So are you still going to hide your feelings of not being depressed about your break up ?" He added.

"What ? What are you talking about ? " I said frowning.

I looked down to my fidgeting hands .

Tears just threatening to come out.

No Isabel .. Hold it in.

"Listen , Sometimes you can't solve stuff on your own .. you have to open up to someone cuz shit gets pilled up and then you go overload." He explained.

A tear rushed down my face.

John seemed different , he wasn't the lady killer when he spoke to me .

He was just John.

"It's hard to watch a person in your life betray you like that ." I said delicately.

He picked me up from where I was sitting and placed me on his lap.

"Come on, you can cry now no one's watching." He assured.

I figured I could hold it in till I got home but it was no use..

I poured my heart out.

Tears coursed down my face,

He pulled me into a hug holding the back of my head.

I never cried like this since...The incident.

"He cheated on me because I didn't want to sleep with him.." I manged to pop out from my heavy throat.

"Hey...Hey" He said picking up my chin with his two fingers.

I looked to the side embarrassed.

"Look at me." He spoke.

"He's an asshole for leaving you,it's not your fault. " He comforted.

The hot tears on my face traced down a little more .

I managed to wipe them off with the sleeves of my hoodie .

I laid my head on the crook of his neck and I felt my body lean onto his warm broad chest.

He wrapped his arms around me like I was a little kid.

It felt good , I needed this.


He watched me climb up the stairs to Kentry , I pressed my student ID card on the machine .

"Thanks John , for everything." I said appreciating him.

"No worries , just don't listen to any sad songs ..it will make you feel worse again. " He said taunting me.

I giggled.

"There it is." He said smiling , his pink dimples appearing.

Was his father a dentist ?

His pearls were perfect!

"See ya John." I said waving and entering the hall.

I walked to my dorm and unlocked it smelling the usual.

I sighed and dropped my keys on my desk.

I almost reached my comfy couch until,

My door was knocked.

I opened it only to see Maire in her Cheetah Pj's with her sleeping mask on her forehead carrying her pink sleeping bag.

"Omg ! you look awful .." She said barging in and chucking her sleeping bag on the floor.

I closed the door behind me.

"Yeah.." I spoke.

"So how did it go with John? " She asked bubbly.

"Maire....He's different.."I said in exhaustion .

I drifted off onto the couch.

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