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The light rays of the sun hit my face , my eyes squirmed to its disturbance. I stretched in place then sat up , trying to distinguish the figures in my room until they became vivid .
I slid my legs from under the covers and onto the floor slipping them into my massive monster slippers.
I walked a few meters only to land in front of my mirror , my eyes grew wide from astonishment to the way I looked.
I looked like I was electrified for gods sake!
Swollen eyes , swollen lips , temporary marks left on my cheeks from the pillow I slept on and last but not least white lines of droll.
I mentally laughed at my disfigure then turned around to face my cupboard. I pulled out my favorite orange hoodie and a pair of shorts.
I hung them on my drawer knob then entered my most favorite place in the world, my bathroom.
The smell of strawberries reached my nose , I inhaled deeply then exhaled. I stripped and entered the shower , I closed the shower door and began my adventure .
First I felt like I was standing under a peaceful water fall.
Next was the cleansing of fresh herbs.
Last was the refreshed rinse.
I came out sanitized , steam let out behind me , I grabbed my towel and dried myself off then said my farewell to my beloved bathroom and stepped out.

The normal routine was applied then finally the make up.
I applied brown eyeliner , brushed mascara then spread clear lip gloss on my M lined lips.
I dried my long brown wavy hair .
I look into the mirror approving of the way I looked then grabbed my bag that was placed on the floor .
I walked over to the door and observed my stack of shoes looking for my comfy pair of orange Vans.
I grabbed them from under a huge pile then slithered them on tightening the laces , Finally I grabbed my keys and left my dorm.
I put on my shades on and left kentry hall.
I breathed in fresh air then headed for my bicycle , I unlocked it then rode off.

The site of Saint Norman Collage started to appear , its big clock in view .
I sped up to reach in time for my lecture.
I parked the bike on the steel rod then locked it.
I grabbed my books from the front basket and hurried up the 20 stairs to the main entrance .
Students coming in out of the door chatting , eating , laughing , studying.

"Isabel ! " I heard Quincy yell from behind me sitting on the stair pavement.
I waved then went up to him .
"Hey you ! " He said pulling me into his lap.
he leaned in to kiss me .
I pulled out then teased kissed him again.
"Baby I'm late fo...r cl..asss.." I said trying to pull out.
"Alright" He said with a smile .
I cupped my hands on his face then kissed his smile for the last time.
"Bye beautiful ! " He said smacking my butt.
"Quin! not in public !" I hissed.
He chuckled "Go on!"

I hurried to class.
"Izz! " I heard Maire scream from the bottom of the auditorium .
I smiled and climbed down the stairs .
"Hey monkey butt! " She greeted.
"Hey. " I said giggling.
We both chatted until Mr.Carlile entered the auditorium.
Not even the sound of someone breathing was heard.
We sat in interest as Mr.Carlile explained how the human body is psychologically affected by being deceived , humiliated or cheated.
I could hear the scratches of graphite on papers .

"Oh and remember papers due on the 4th ! , see you guys tomorrow." he said giving his farewell statement.
Maire and I collected our books then rushed to the cafeteria .
Maire grabbed a four seated table and sat down.
"Is it my turn to go and get us lunch?" I asked hoping not.
She grinned then gave me a nod.
"The usual ?" I asked .
"Yep." She squeaked.

I order our usuals then waited 10 minutes for the food to come in , I noticed that Jack Maire's boyfriend+ our bestfriend was there already .
The bell next to the counter tinged and I grabbed the tray swiftly and headed to the table.

I smiled at jack.
"Hey Izz. " He said cheerfully.
"Hey Jack . " I greeted.
"I'm starving ! " Maire shrieked.
" Izz wanna come with us?" Jack offered.
"Where ?" I said curiously.
"kickboxing match ." She explained.
"No way ! I'd look like a third wheel. " I protested.
"Oh come on Izz since when ?" Jack yelled.
"We're bestfriends! we haven't all gone out once since we started collage , Com'on PLEASE!!!!!" Maire pleaded with her "Puppy dog." Face.
I looked at Jack , then to her .
I pressed my lips together then nodded.

They both laughed and Jack added "I knew we could get through to her."
"No way ! I did all the work ! pulling that "Puppy dog face" Isn't easy you know! " She argued.
Jack grinned then pulled her into a kiss.
"Oh get a room guys! " I yelled covering my face with my notebook.
Maire giggled.
"That's right Izz where's Quincy ?" He questioned.
"He's got class." I answered.
"Yeah right . " Maire mumbled to herself.
"Come on Maire." I said getting ticked off , she hated Quincy from day 1. It's starting to get annoying.
"What ? It's true!" She started raising her voice.
"No Maire ! I know Quincy and he would never do that . " I proved.
"Izz liste-" I cut her off by saying "Enough Maire ! " I got myself up and left the cafeteria.

I walked hard out the main entrance of the collage , went down the 2o stairs I came from earlier then down to my bike that was parked on the metal rode.
I unlocked it.
They have to let it go I thought to myself.
"Isabel! " I heard Maire scream.
I looked back to see her running to me.
"Izz I'm sorry ." She said apologetically.
My frown was released a bit .
"I didn't mean what I said ... I'm really sorry. " She spoke.
I opened my arms out gesturing her for a hug.
She dived in .
"Its okay." I said smiling , although I was still a bit mad because this was getting a bit old.

"Maire I have to go ! what time is the event ?" I asked.
"6 , Wear something sexy ! and make sure you don't come in that." She said as she started walking backwards pointing at me.
"Yeah , whatever! " I spoke.
"I MEAN IT! " She scram from a far.
I waved then left.

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