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"John it hurts..it hurts...." cried Isabel in silence.

"I know baby .. I know .." He whispered in the crook of her neck as he held her down.

Lucas was infuriated by the scene , his face inhumane.


The spell yanked John from Isabel and threw him into the corner of the cabin.

Isabel sat up in shock , she stood flaring her aching fangs at Lucas.

John stood from his place ready to pounce but was shot back in place by an invisible wall.

"Don't bother , I put a spell bound on you , you won't be able to move from their for the next three days." He said with a wicked smile.

Lucas turned to face Isabel but she was already lunging for him , she braced her self and kicked him to the ground .

Her punches came in rapidly deforming every part of Lucas's face .

She yelled in frustration as she stood from his unconscious body.

Maire and Jack stormed in with rest of the pack only to catch Isabel hitting the barrier with all her might.

"IT ! WONT ! BREAK!" she roared punching.

Jack and one of the pack members pulled her from the barrier.

They struggled to sit her down as the aimless anger running inside her flared .

"You need to take her somewhere calm Jack , she's never going to calm down this way !" Yelled Maire as she examined the barrier.

"NO!" Barked Isabel as Jack and the rest of the pack wrestled to get her out off the cabin.

Jack let go off Isabel temporarily and rushed to the Maire.

He pulled her chin up and grazed his lip against hers, "Be careful Maire .." He said with hardened eyes.

She winked at him. "I mean it !" He says pecking her lips again.

She smiled at her boyfriend as he left the cabin in a hurry.

Maire turned around and was caught by surprise at how Johns face changed features , impatiences and anger drill inside him.

"I'll get you out of here John , Just give me a few minutes." She said with full determination.

She turned around and felt something slide into her stomach , her mouth grew into a gawk as she stared at the dagger being pulled out.

"MARIE-BELLE ! " Barked John from inside the barrier.

Maire could taste the metallic feel of blood float into her mouth.

"Not now"...She thought.

"Please not now"..She said to herself as she fainted.

" Its either my way or no ones..." Lucas said with no expression in his face as he wiped the dagger clean with his fingers.

John was already in wolf form biting at the irritating barrier holding him from ripping Lucas apart.

"I'll see you later , pretty boy !" He spoke as he sprinted out the cabin.

"ISABEL ! CALM THE FUCK DOWN !" Growled Jack .

"I'm not suppose to be baby sitting you ! Get your fucking sense back ! My girlfriend is still down their with that freak ! I'm suppose to be their with her ! " He yelled.

"Let. GO." She hissed.

Jack shook her once to see if she was still sane.

He nodded at the two pack members holding her down.

She stood brushing the dirt of herself .

"NO!" Jack shot as he clenched his heart.

He bolted back the way they came.

"What's going on?" She asked looking from one pack member to the other.

"Maire ..She's.." Stuttered one.

"No..." Whispered Isabel from under breath.

"My best friend...." she thought .

"Maire.. " she said sprinting after Jack , Tears streamed down her face at the possible fact of her friend dying.


She was suddenly pulled to the side by a pair of hands and was banged to a tree.

Lucas jabbed the dagger he used on Maire into Isabel's leg and twisted it.

She wailed in anguish and burned with pain.

"Your coming with me! " He said knocking her out.

Jack turned into his wolf and a gained in speed towards the cabin , he jumped the hill he took as a shortcut and slid inside the narrow door.

His head jerked to where Maire's dying body was laid.

John's eyes never left Maire's body .

Jack walked slowly over to his withering mate.

He wined like a hurt dog as he used his head to nudge her body.

"Ja..ck " She coughed.

Blood sprayed out of her mouth.

"Its okay.." She said stroking his fur with a disdainful smile.

"I'm not going anywhere..." She whispered.

Jack switched over to his human form and held her head to his lap.

"You can't leave me Maire ... please..!" He said , his shoulders starting to bounce up and down .

She smiled with her bloodied teeth.

"Hey .. Hey.." She said a tear falling from her fare face.

She tried to wipe the tears of his damp face but was too weak to finish all of them off.

"You take care of her...okay.." Maire spoke lightly .

She beamed at him quietly confirming that she was ready to let go.

"I love ..you Jack." She spoke faintly.

Her head fell to the side gracefully .

"Maire.." Jack said nudging her slowly .

"MAIRE ! " He said shaking her hardly..

"Jack ..She's gone .." John said bowing his head too the floor.

"She's gone .." John traced.

Jacks cry of agony was so powerful that every howl replied by other werewolves echoed back too him.

He kissed Maire's head and spoke in his mind, " I love you more Maire-belle...I love you way more..".

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