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"John put me down !" I yelled hitting his back.

He kept silent and was still walking towards the door.

"Okay, Okay how about I go pack my stuff and come to you tomorrow ?" I offered still heaving on his back.

He was still heading for the door.

" OKAY ! I'll pack my stuff then I'll be right down stairs." I gave up.

He stopped.

"Thats more like it !" He said putting me down on my bare feet.

"You have 15 minutes ." He notified.

"What 15 ? I have to clean up my apartment , pack my stuff..." I said pointing out.

"14. Don't forget my gloves." He said turning around and heading for the door.

I gawked then sprinted to my dorm.

I pulled out my oversized Nike gym bag and shoved some clothes in, I thrust my cosmetics as well.

I placed my bag at the front of the door then started cleaning up the apartment.

I stepped on the syringe that John used earlier and threw it in the bin.

I looked at the watch placed on my counter table and caught my self with 8 minutes, I managed to clear things up a bit.

I soon smelled the scent of my room for the last time and shut the lights closing the door behind me then locking it.

I jogged down the hall then went out the door to where John was waiting.

He was leaning on his bike with his arms crossed looking to the floor, His head lifted as he saw me come down the last stair .

"Ready ?" He said with a beaming smile .

" Yeah." I said huffing taking a last look at Kentry.

Well its not like I'm not coming back ...

"You got my gloves?" He asked.

I planted an OH FUCK! I FORGOT! expression on my face,

"Typical." He said shaking his head.

I smacked his arm then got on the bike .

" Helmet?"I asked

He threw me the helmet and I placed it on my head.

God the thing was tight .

When he was done tying the bag to the bike he jumped on , started the engine and I wrapped my arms around him.

We raced off.

At every traffic light John would grab the moment to put his hand on my knee or hand that was wrapped around him.

It kinda felt like he was checking if I was still behind him or something..but I kinda liked it ..made me feel a lot safer.


We finally pulled over at the apartment, It was right next to Jack's, That was one of the main reasons I agreed to stay with him,I knew Maire would pop by a lot.

"Welcome home sweet cheeks!" He said untying the bag and putting it over his shoulder.

I walked up the stairs with him behind me .

"Key?" I roasted.

"Under the rug, God whats in here?" He asked flexing his muscles .

"Oh stop exaggerating its not that heavy." I taunted as I bent down to grab the key from under the brown rug.

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