Starbucks Lovers Pt. 2 (Jaehyun)

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Jaehyun tried to calm the throbbing headache behind his eyes.  NCT 127 had just had another comeback which meant their schedule was booked for the next month or so.  Today, they would be doing an hour long radio show interview.  Those were always the hardest because it was so easy to slip up.  And sometimes, the interviewers were a little stiff, and it was hard for the group to have fun.  Jaehyun knew today's event was going to be no exception.

The staff led them to a green room where they could chill and get their makeup and hair done before meeting the hosts and going on air.  But with the massive headache Jaehyun had, he needed to get away from the noisy members.  As he was walking through the hallway, he picked up on some conversations.

"Have you seen the new radio host?  She's only been here for a week, but she's a natural!"

"Yeah, they're already letting her co-host NCT!"

Jaehyun smiled.  He was glad one of the hosts seemed nice.  As he approached the water fountain at the end of the hallway, he peeked into the room NCT would be interviewed in, and his jaw nearly dropped.  Your hair was short and charismatic now- nothing like the long hair you always tied back in high school.  And this time, you were laughing with the other host about something you'd said.  Your innocent personality hadn't changed a bit.

"Hey, um, I think you have someone who wants to talk to you," the other host burst into a bunny-like smile.

You furrowed your brows.  "Really?  What makes you say that?"

He pointed behind you, and you turned around, seeing a man leaning against the door frame.  His hands were tucked in the front pockets of his trousers, and he wore an easy going smile.  You had never seen him smile since he'd always worn a face mask back then.  

You quickly scrambled to your feet and pushed your bangs behind your ears

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You quickly scrambled to your feet and pushed your bangs behind your ears.  It was kinda funny because the two of you almost shared the same hairstyle, now.  

"Long time no see," you greeted him with a formal bow.  "You're here with NCT 127?"

"Yep!  You know, my day was going pretty bad but that was before I saw you.  I'll see you on air," Jaehyun smiled before disappearing back into the hallway.

"Wow, I've never seen you get so red before," the other host joked.

"Not funny, Jungkook," you sighed.  "He was my crush back in high school.  Um, I didn't think he would remember me."

"Well, to be honest, I didn't think people would look at me or like me because when I debuted with BTS, I was really young and stuff, but look at me now.  I'm the heartthrob of the group!"

You nodded.  "Yeah, uh huh, try telling Jin that."

A few minutes later, NCT filed in.  You had been warned before hand that they were a pretty big group, but you had a feeling introductions were going to take at least thirty minutes.

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