xxxxvii. freefalling to hong kong

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"WHAT?!" All of us scream at the same time.

Daniel rubs his temples. "Okay. Does anyone know how the basics of a cockpit?"

"I know the very very basics. I've taken a class once but failed. Does that count?" Skye stammers.

"I'm pretty good with engines," Chase affirms.

"It's going to have to do," I yell.

"Alright. Xavier, Daniel, go scope out the plane in case there's an aggressor on board," Ace directs. "I'll go try to resuscitate the pilot in case she's still alive. Chase, Skye, and Octavia, try to land this plane. Water landing near the harbour is our best bet."

We all split up. Inside the cockpit, we find the pilot passed out with her fingers turned blue. Ace checks for signs of a pulse and begins to perform CPR. Chase starts to examine the controls; Skye takes the pilot's seat. Everything was happening so quickly. I found myself trying to help but unable to think straight.

There were too many flashing monitors that I was unfamiliar with framing the ten by five foot room. Right here, right now, the only thing my gaze could fixate on was the distant island becoming closer and closer into view through the mist. The glare from the sun reflected off of the the ocean and the small skyscrapers. Come on Octavia, think, think.

"Wait," I pause, taking in the facts. "How fast does this jet go?"

"About 600 miles," Chase says, looking at the speedometer.

"We're not falling fast enough." My gaze flickers to the controls. It says autopilot was on. That could only mean one thing. "We're being purposefully driven straight into downtown Hong Kong."

I turn my focus onto the monitor to check our trajectory. The altitude was declining, but not nearly as fast as if we were just in free fall. That was both good news and bad news. Good news was that I was good at computers. Bad news was that I have never seen these computers.

"Ace, is it possible to override autopilot from the inside?" I state.

"Let's hope so." He stops trying to save the pilot and scans the monitor with me. "Chase, send out as many help signals as possible back to New York. Skye, be prepared to drive the jet into the harbour once Octavia and I override the signal tower."

I switch the gear into the P mode. Nothing happens against the dark screen. Seconds later, there is no response, but a password bar pops up. "What's the password?" I ask. "CIArox123?"

"I don't know," Ace's hands ball up. "We aren't that vain, okay." He says this right beneath a giant, gold plated seal. Why was that seal here anyways? To remind people which plane they were on in case they forgot?

"Wow, it's a good thing there's a failsafe password to prevent something like this from happening. Great design on the agency's part," I spit.

"Can you please not be as sarcastic as an edgy thirteen year old from the upper east side," Ace glares. "Now is not the time, Rebecca Chanel."

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