Lviii. catch me if you can II

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The sky is a crisp blue. Decorated with the sporadic dash of clouds and paired with the light wind, this felt like the perfect spring day. I take in my surroundings: a row of six brick buildings stands separated by the distance of an alleyway. Skye pointed her gun to the head of a crying Agent Russo in the corner of the first building. The agents of both sides bristled, awaiting silent instructions.

I stare at Thirteen without backing off. He looks at me, smirking, and hiding the bulging gun in his jacket.

Ace fires the first shot. Seven bullets.

Thirteen anticipates this and dodges out of the way. He begins to pursue who he believes is his Queen, Agent Russo, relentlessly, as Skye runs across the buildings. Thirteen is gaining on her.

Chase tackles Katrina, who attempts to follow Thirteen. The two are locked in hand to hand combat with almost deathly precision. With my own eyes, I see what Chase spoke of: even when he shot Katrina in the elbow, she was barely affected.

"What the hell woman?" Chase screams. "You're like if the guy from Silence of the Lambs was a woman."

Katrina grins, then knocks him to his feet. "Well then you must be the girl who dies."

But before she can shoot him, a whizzing bullet hits her in the stomach, and she falls back. I turn to see its source from hundreds of feet away—Xavier.

"Thanks Xavier, but I had it under control," Chase winces through the earpiece.

"Thank me later, sunshine."

"You're being as annoying as Dora the Explorer—"

"Now is not the time," Daniel groans over the intercoms. "Ace, Octavia, go after Thirteen. Skye will need your help."

But almost in a rage like adrenaline-filled state, Katrina spits blood at Chase and gets back up. From this distance, I almost admire her dauntless nature. She narrows her eyes at him and continues to throw punches that will surely re-fracture his arm.

The other CIA agents and Thorned Kings agents all charge into battle, with the latter going on the offensive. The sounds of bullets being shot with suppressors rings out into the air. Metal hitting the concrete rooftop create a symphony of punches, gunpowder, and shouts of pain.

In the commotion, Ace pulls me ahead to run after Thirteen and Skye. "You need to stay with me, Cupcake," he gasps. I nod. He fires, shooting two dangerously close agents in the chest. Five bullets.

As we begin running, I see someone with a glock in each hand. I shove Ace to the floor as the woman fires recklessly in our direction.

"You're welcome," I pant. "I just saved your life."

"Reason two-hundred-and-eighty-six to date you," he smirks. His golden eyes then fixate on the woman, killing her immediately.

"So there's at least two-hundred-and-eighty-five more reasons to date me?" I muse.

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