xxix. it's chewbacca!

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"Hands in the air!" One of the guards yells.

I know I should be terrified—since we were outnumbered and held at gunpoint—but I couldn't help laughing. The guards raised an eyebrow at me.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" He demands. "You realize this is a gun, right?"

He was extremely hairy; Chewbacca's stunt double seemed to have found work after the Star Wars franchise on this ship.

I gesture to the one who harbored an extremely hairy face.

"How is it possible to grow that much hair? Somebody call National Geographic because I just found Bigfoot."

The guards look at me, flabbergasted. Ace deadpans me as if to say 'Seriously? Right now?' I give Ace a sheepish look.

"Seriously, how can your face afford its own fur coat?"

The guards, rightfully annoyed, direct their attention to Ace. "Who are you people?"

"We come in peace. We're the CIA," Ace responds.

"You're lying," the head guard sneers.

"Well I did lie about the come in peace part," Ace casually says.

King Kong and his goons lunge at us. Quickly, Ace pushes me out the way of a flying bullet sent by Sasquatch himself while pulling out his own guns. All our bullets are rubber to ensure that we don't kill a civilian.

Or in that hairy man's case, an endangered species.

Our backs press against a container as a metal rain of bullets hit the other side. Ace takes out another magazine and reloads.

"Stay here," he instructs.

Swiftly, he fires both of his guns to stun two men into dropping their weapons. He fires a third time, squarely landing on a hand, and makes the hairy man yell out in pain.

I don't listen to Ace's warning to stay behind. In a strange way, I wanted to prove myself, so my gun fires recklessly into the scene.

One of my bullets hits a man in the chest and stuns him immediately.

"Did you see that?" I exclaim, "I finally hit someone!"

Ace tears away the last man's weapon from his hand. All of them now were unarmed. Ace then jumps into the scene. Weaponless, he could overpower even five men.

The guards circle him, closing on him with fear, after seeing what he was able to do. Chewbacca finally throws the first punch.

Ace dodges, flipping the guard over his shoulder, and hits him with a stun gun. Three guards cautiously ram into him. Ace moves like water, swiftly, but attacks like fire. The two guards simutaneously fall while being shocked into unconciousness. The third one is tripped by Ace and falls to the ground.

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