xxxvii. meet the father

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Sergeant Antony glanced at Ace like the terminator. When he finally looks away, he turns back to me, and his demeanor does a complete 180. "Alright Octavia," Sergeant Antony smiles. "Why did you come back all of a sudden?"

"I'm doing an investigative piece for class," I start. "It's about public funding, so could you give me a tour of the precinct?"

"I'd be happy to." Sergeant Antony affirms.

"I mean everything too. Everything that this precinct spends money on will help me write my report."

Ace wandered off while we were talking, and when we were about to go on the tour, Ace was distracting others. His presence has attracted a group of both male and female officers—officers who were now not working.

The Sergeant leads me over to them. In the presence of their superior, everyone stiffles their laughter. "Detectives, what's so interesting that we're just standing around?" He then goes on to give Ace a disapproving look.

"Ace was just showing us a trick about how to reload with only one hand," an officer stammers after a moment's silence. Ace offers a sheepish grin.

Sergeant Antony raises an eyebrow in Ace's direction. "And how do you know this?"

Ace runs a hand through his hair. "My old man taught me."

Well technically, Ace wasn't wrong. His father did train him. Ace just neglected the part about his father being an international con-man.

"Just don't mess around unsupervised with these weapons. I don't care if you hurt yourself but you could hurt Octavia."

"Not at all sir. My father taught me well."

Back the truck up—I've gotten shot because of you.

"You could never be too careful, cityboy."

Ace gives me a frazzled look when the Sergeant isn't looking. I suppress a laugh. Of course, it's foreign that Ace feels like he isn't well received. I hide a smile; it was almost cute how confused he seemed.

Sergeant Antony raises an annoyed eyebrow. "Son, let's have a chat in my office."

Well wankers. This is about to suck more than a 24 hour Kidz Bop solo narrating the 2016 US elections in a dumpster fire run by clowns.

Sergeant Antony leads Ace into his office. I've chatted for about half an hour with the other officers. When Ace comes out, he looks absolutely terrified. I'm not even going to ask.

Antony then parades us around the station, showing us all the rooms and technology. I take pictures of everything in case I need to look back. He even offers us the detailed expense reports. However, our search turned up fruitless. Nothing was even remotely high-tech within a mile radius.

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