Lvi. hook, line, and sinker

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Emma's body sprawls out across my bed. I check her pulse as it beats, steadily, and her chest rises slowly. The tranquilizing solution should have worn out by now. I lost five rounds of rock paper scissors against the rest of the team, meaning Emma would be in my room indefinitely.

Ace rolled his eyes when I won. Both of us knew that I'd be taking over his room, and he'd be sleeping on the couch.

I sit at my desk, drumming my fingers against my new replaced computer. Not gonna lie—I was trying to reactivate my old Webkinz account out of curiosity. You'd think that hacking into Webkinz would be easier than the Pentagon, but not by much.

Emma rubs her eyes, yawns, and stretches. Shit. She was not supposed to wake up on my watch.

Her blue eyes take in her surroundings. Her gaze flickers to me immediately, freezing, and she sinks back into my bed. I freeze as well; what was I supposed to say?

"Where—where am I?" Emma stammers. "What did you do to me? Are you going to hurt me?"

"You're in New York, Emma," I smile while closing my computer. "My name is Agent Octavia Snow—I'm with the CIA. You'll be safe here."

"Why the freaking-heck did you kidnap me from Dubrovnik?" She whispers. "I'm just a scientist. What's going on?"

"Ok first, it's fucking-hell, you're an adult," I smirk. "And I'm sorry, but it was for your own protection. There's a very dangerous person trying to kidnap you."

Emma deadpans me. "So you decided to kidnap me instead."

I bite my lip. "Look, I'm sorry. For what it's worth, I was kidnapped by the CIA months ago too."

She raises an eyebrow. "Why were you kidnapped? Were you in danger too?"

I run a hand through my hair. "Um... sure."

"No offense, but how do I know you're with the CIA? You don't look very athletic."

I roll my eyes. "If I wanted to hurt you, you wouldn't be in my room. I got a ten out of ten on my agent test. Trust me, I can keep you safe. You should come meet the rest of the team."

Emma gets up from my bed as I lead her into the living room, where Ace and Chase are playing Mario Kart on the television in sweatpants. I clear my throat. Two heads whip around to see us.

"Oh, Emma, I see you've woken up," Ace states. "I'm Ace Blackwell. I'm sorry again for tranquilizing you."

"I'm Chase." Chase shakes Emma's hand. A light pink comes over Emma's cheeks when she takes his hand. A small smirk tugs on my lips. Me too girl.

We lead her to the debriefing room. Emma seemed pretty excited, and with a wonder, she examines all the technology around our penthouse. Ace calls the Director and the rest of the team together—Thirteen's potential deal still needed to be addressed.

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