xxxiii. making babies

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"How do you keep another human being alive?" Chase stares. His blue eyes glance with discomfort at the baby in Ace's arms. Chase had a point—literally we are barely qualified to take care of ourselves.

"Food and water. I'm going to take a nap. I'm sure you guys have this mission down," Skye yawns.

"I'm going to teach it how to shoot a gun," Xavier states while reaching for the baby.

Ace glares and swats his hand away. "Absolutely not."

"Nice maternal instincts Ms. Blackwell," Chase smirks.

"I think it's called common sense," Ace spits back.

Annoyed, I take the baby from Ace's arms. The tiny creature is a baby boy with adorable brown eyes. When the baby realizes that I'm holding him instead of Ace, he begins to cry.

The audacity.

Everyone starts to laugh at my undignified plight and doesn't even make an attempt to hide it. Seriously? Do babies hate me that much?

Tears of laughter started to prick at Ace's eyes. Swiftly, he picks the crying child from my arms and takes the baby back into his. The baby stops crying immediately. Instead, he starts to giggle once he's in Ace's arms.

I glare at the baby. Yes, it was extremely petty to be upset at a child, though I'm a petty person. So yes baby—I'm mad at you now. Children are now on the "Octavia hate list" right after people who don't follow you back on instagram and right before people who wear aviators at night.

In fact, the baby started to cry every single time he was out of Ace's arms. "Whelp. I guess for the next eight hours, you've gotta hold the baby, mama bird," I smile to Ace.

"We're going to need more formula and diapers," he instructs while glaring at me. "Let's head to the store."

"Can't we get it a little tipsy to lull it to sleep?" Chase suggests.

"This is a fucking baby, not an adult!" I exclaim.

"No swearing Rookie," Xavier grins. "Looks like you've gotta change the diapers."

He and Ace high five. Real mature.

Skye pinches the bridge of her nose in annoyance. We make eye contact through her hijab mid-eye roll, sharing the common sense of comradeship against these gorilla hands. "Alright, alright, let's go to the store before this baby starts crying for food...and before I murder one of you via dagger to the epithelial lining."

"Descriptive Skye, but we all know you'd never hurt a fly," Chase smiles.

I grin as Skye narrowed her eyes to scan us. "Keep testing me and see," Skye states.

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