xxxxix. fight club

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xxxxix. FIGHT CLUB

Ace lunges at Xavier with full force, throwing a punch at Daniel, who tried to stop him. Xavier steps out of the way. Ace's chest is heaving, and Chase has to physically hold the agent. The outburst leaves the area around us whispering and staring. I step in front of Ace before he does something else instinctive. His gaze flickers to me then sulks away.

"You're fucking kidding me, right?" Ace spits, crossing his leather jacket.

"Don't worry Blackwell," Xavier smiles. "I needed to get a fight out of my system. I'm entering."

"Don't be stupid," Daniel frowns. "Don't fight whoever the champion is. You could get seriously hurt. I'll do it. If we are somehow exposed, an Interpol agent will get off the easiest."

"Well now I need to get a fight out of my system," Ace grumbles. "To be honest, anyone could do it except Octavia."

"Shut the hell up you dildo," Octavia says.

"Opposites really do attract. In your case, I hope you find someone who is smart and witty."

"Put a sock in it you Party city party hat."

"Let me," Chase tightens his fist. "Trust me, none of you know the rules of illegal fight scenes like I do."

"There are rules to these things?" I raise an eyebrow.

Suddenly, the wrestling bell rings again. All of us turn to face the gated ring—someone had already entered during our dispute. All we could do now was hope that whoever the challenger knew how to fight.

"Wait... where's Skye?" I state. She was nowhere to be found.

Seconds later, Skye steps onto the ring. Chase's eyes go wide. People were jeering loudly from the sidelines. The four men beside me shove through the crowd to reach the front as Ace yanks me with him. Skye's eyes were hard with determination as she sized up her opponent. That was the thing about the thief—she was always observing.

She tightened her hijab into her sweater. The reigning champion was a buff but pretty chubby guy. He was incredibly well built, at least 200 pounds, and well-versed in the rules of illegal boxing. Tattoos of scales covered much of his upper chest. Everyone rushed to the booths to place bets against the tiny girl in comparison.

I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese, but it seems from the whispers and laughing that people clearly thought that this would be an easy bet. Hell were they wrong.

"Does she know the rules?" I whisper. "Could she win against that Pillsbury dough boy?"

Xavier chuckles. "She's been here before. I wouldn't worry about it."

"Go double our bet," Daniel whispers. "Now is our chance to make tenfold."

Chase nods vigorously. Pretty soon, our bet was at two hundred thousand yuan. The commentators started to announce the rules once again. Ace started to translate all the rules. Skye's opponent (the human equivalent of the chubby bunny challenge) wears a clear smirk. They shake hands, and the bell rings. The match begins.

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