xxxxviii. let's make some bets

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Wind whipped across my face like small knives dancing across my skin. The ocean sea of the harbour and the cyan shade of the sky blended into one another in a soft ombre. Clouds of vapor flew by my fingertips once we moved thousands of feet through the air.

My limbs tightened as I held onto Ace. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, bringing me close to him when we dived over 100 miles per hour. Both of my hands were placed on his chest. His chest rose rapidly while his heart beat even faster.

When the harbour neared, Ace pulled on the parachutes, and we were yanked up like puppets into the air. Three identical red dots of parachutes appeared around us. Above us, the airplane, now on autopilot, flew past the city. We soon slammed into the harbour. Cool Fall water ran through my system causing me to shiver. In all honesty, I was still in shock at what happened. I fucking jumped, or rather, was pushed off a plane. Ace held onto me even after we'd safely landed.

"Let's get you to safety," he says, noticing me shiver.

"Are you not cold?" I state.

He shakes his head. He goes on to pull on another string that releases an inflatable raft. I couldn't feel my fingers at this point. The spy swiftly hoisted me up on the raft. We were about four miles away from the city and a mile from the safehouse. The glaring light from the sun made it hard to tell.

Ace jumped off the raft into the water. Then, he started to push the raft while swimming. "We need to take turns," I sigh. "The water is too cold. Do not pull a Titanic on me and get your ass on this raft."

"I'm really fine," he says between breaths. "My metabolism is better than yours. If you pushed the raft, we'd be out here until we both died from hypothermia."

One one hand, I was thankful that I didn't have to push while swimming a mile to bay. On the other hand, I wished I weighed 600 pounds so Ace would wipe that smug expression off his face.

He started to take off his shirt, pulling his sweater over his head. My eyebrows crinkle. Ace rolls his eyes. "The clothes will only make it harder to swim. Trust me, that's it."

We arrived at the safehouse, a small house right off the waters of Hong Kong, about an hour later of me napping and Ace pushing.

Both Chase and Skye were already there when we dragged our soaked clothes into the apartment. Xavier and Daniel's raft was nowhere to be seen. The outside seemed small; it was lined with brick and centered around a dock. The inside was even smaller. There was only a bookshelf, a couple of lamps, and a TV.

"There's only two bedrooms here," I sigh while plopping down on a couch. "I call sleeping on this beautiful and majestic couch."

Ace smirks. He stands and stretches, then leans over me, his golden eyes glimmering with amusement. I could feel my breath shallowing as he got a mere six inches from my face. My eyes flicker down away from him. Then, he presses down on a brick near my head.

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