Lii. my queen

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Half. Half. Half. Nathan Vega's ring was missing, leaving only Charlene's ring with us. We only had a portion of the DNA database left.

We should have just subpoenaed the rings, but unfortunately, the CIA didn't have any jurisdiction to act overseas. We also couldn't risk information about this syndicate leaking beyond to Interpol. Luckily, Charlene didn't press any charges after almost dying at the hands of Katrina.

Chase spent the rest of the week in and out of the hospital after being severely injured by Katrina. He had broken three ribs and dislocated his shoulder. He sprawled out on the couch, with his arm in a sling, and looked intently at the whiteboard in front of us. He looked like a stressed triceratops father at his triceratops son's first play.

The early Manhattan sun shone softly through the floor to ceiling windows. My bloodshot eyes were blurry as they fixated on Ace, who was scribbling away on the board. All of us sat around the sofa facing the board. The Director drummed his fingers against the arm of the chair. I wanted to throw a pen at him to get him to stop, though maybe that's inappropriate. If it was Ace doing that I'd hit him without thinking.

"I swear," Chase says, "Katrina was literally insane. I shot her three times but she didn't even back down. She's like one of those crazy aunts that start drinking at 2PM and lives in a trailer."

"Is that even possible?" Xavier scoffs. "I've dated some insane women before but nothing like that."

Daniel slightly winces and crosses his arms. "Are you sure that you weren't just the insane one? I've seen you consume an entire cheesecake without flinching."

Ace rubs his stubble. "The half life of adrenaline is about two minutes and only lasts for a short while in your system. Chase's fight was much longer than that... maybe like ten minutes? Though I could have lasted longer. "

I facepalm. "Now is not the time you old toothbrush."

Skye sighs, rolling her eyes. "Was there any other detail that was interesting?"

"Well," I start. "Katrina told me she loved Thirteen, and Thirteen loved him."

"WhatTheFuckCupcake," Ace splurts.

"But... what about his Queen?" Skye muses. "This isn't exactly The Bachelor for psychopaths."

"Thirteen definitely is obsessed with whoever this Queen is," I affirm. "There was so much conviction in his voice. And when he talked about her... he, he softened. He's basically as obsessed with makeup as a Jersey shore person crossed with the Joker with a dash of Kylie Jenner's makeup kit."

"Creative," Daniel chuckles. "Though he's all that and a Gemini. We just need to find out who the Queen is. Where are we on this database?"

The Director sifts through his manila folder. He runs his hand through his salt and pepper hair. "We sent it to analytics as soon as we got it. The first match we found was a confirmation that she is, indeed, a female. Likely fair-eyed, olive skin, and blonde-haired."

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