iv. revelations & burnt waffles

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"What do you mean you're the one who designed them?" The usual sarcasm I inject in my voice has evaporated. It astonished me that Ace had taken away all my confidence by uttering a simple fact.

The agent raises an eyebrow. "What part of that sentence did you not understand? The pronoun I, the verb designed, or the noun firewall?"

"Shut up Merriam Webster. I just mean, how is that even possible? You're a field agent."

"I know it's hard to believe, but some people can do both things."

Ace gives me an amused look at my distress. Sure, the concept was theoretically of being multi-talented was possible, but in reality, no one can be a prodigy in more than one thing. You couldn't be a Mozart and an Einstein.


And even if someone was a polyglot of talents, Ace Banana Bread Blackwell was the last person who would be one. His lips tug slightly at my confusion, the way they always did when he was one step ahead. My hands squeeze into fists as if I could expel the frustration from my fingertips.

"Well why am I here then?" I throw my hands in exasperation. "If this team needed someone skilled in computer programming, why am I here if you're already here?"

The source of my sudden irritation was unbeknownst to even myself. Perhaps it was the deep underlying fear of someone beating me at my own game.

"Calm down Cupcake." Ace sighs. His eyes momentarily flicker away from mine. "The truth is, I wanted to meet the person who bested me."

Wary wasn't a word used to describe me, but right now, I'm unsure of how to proceed. Thankfully, Ace bridges the momentary pause.

"Being out there was dangerous. You have no idea of how many fucking criminals were trying to figure out who you were too. If they got to you before we did... let's just say you would prefer to be dead."


Last night's revelations have shaken me to my core. A horrid thought, scenario, or dream would creak in my mind every time my eyes closed. Sleeplessness was inevitable. After I left Ace's room, I went to the training facility and willingly exercised until dawn.

This is not a drill. I, Octavia Snow, willingly exercised. If there were people trying to figure out who I am, I'm sure as hell going to give them a hard time once they find me.

That morning, in an attempt to distract myself, I made "breakfast" for everyone. The food wasn't really... well, edible. The waffles, instead of being a photogenic golden brown, were cooked into a burnt crisp. The bacon became overly greasy, and the eggs were severely undone to the point that it had a semi-liquid consistency.

Oh yeah. And all the smoke set off the fire detector.

"Oh my god is there a fire?" Chase yells as he runs into the kitchen. "I knew all these mother-fucking CIA agents just actually wanted to kill us all along. Octavia, you go to the gym and grab all the weapons that you can; I'll meet you outside in ten."

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