(1) bonus. the ace of hearts

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(1) bonus. THE ACE OF HEARTS [ace's parents]


Tessa Waring had one assignment: catch Blackwell, the man who had used his skill set to con over fifty million dollars from the rich and wealthy.

The con artist didn't work for anyone, and he didn't have any connections tying him down. He was nothing but a faint whisper of a myth to the public. Tessa would never admit this to her supervisor, but she actually liked what Blackwell was doing. His targets were always wealthy individuals who made their money through corrupt ways. There was the feeling that whenever he struck, a sort of vigilante justice would be brought about.

But what she didn't like about Blackwell was the fact that he was one hard mother-fucker to find.

The entire agency had been tracking him for the last couple of months, and every time Tessa thought she was close, the con artist would slip out of her fingers. Not to mention, no one knew what he looked like nor even his first name.

Tessa stepped outside of the coffee shop to clear her head. The chilly Winter Chicago air reinvigorated her determination; she had to find Blackwell. As a new agent, it was important for her to prove her worth.

Her phone pinged, alerting her that the agency had gotten new intel. It was a message from her supervisor. It read: Our source believes Blackwell will be at the Chicago theatre at 18:30 tonight. Be ready.

A wisped sigh escapes Tessa's lips. Her watch read 14:20, meaning she had quite some time before tonight's attempt would be underway. All the recon had been done, and her mission ready. All she needed to do now was to wait.

Her eyes scanned the city block around her for something to occupy her time. Her gaze landed on Grant Park. Might as well go for a jog, she thought.

Tessa proceed to tie back her wild dark red hair and started running pass the trees. She'd always loved this little green area within the bustling city. Suddenly, the voice of a stranger stopped her in her tracks.

"Hey Red!" The man shouted.

Tessa turned to see a striking figure. The man was tall, well built, and wore nothing but a thin jacket to brace the Winter cold. The man had beautifully dark hair, tousled ever so slightly that it jerked her heart. Though it was his eyes that struck her most.

Alluring, unusual, and memorable were all words that were begging to be used as descriptors. It could have just been the light, but his eyes light brown eyes seemed to be mystical. Each word tugged at her mind, but she finally settled on one: golden.

"Do you want to play a game?" He asked with a small, tugged smile.

The question pulled Tessa out of her muse. "What kind of game?" She cautiously responded. She was a spy after all. The only games she knew were those that involved violence. Those were fun with her partners, but definitely not with bystanders.

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