xxxxvi. bras & banana bread

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There was a twelve hour time difference from the East Coast to Hong Kong, which seriously made me want to visit space without a helmet. Fortunately, I was able to sleep on the plane to be ready in the morning when we arrived. I woke up after being tousled on the plane through some slight turbulence.

The flight log said there was about an hour left. Standing up, I stretch out my sore limbs. Everyone was asleep except Xavier and I. Hell, even Ace had finally taken a nap. The golden eyed boy leaned back against the seat across from mine, sleeping upright with his arms crossed.

Chase was curled up in the back with a sleeping mask on. Not gonna lie, the sleeping mask protruded out a little so it looked like he was wearing a bra on his face.

Skye was sprawled out across two seats near Chase with junk food wrappers covering the floor beneath her. There was an unoccupied fuzzy blanket by her side that I took. Hesitantly, I wrap the warm blanket around Ace's shoulders.

He'd been through a lot these past couple of days. He wasn't sleeping, even less than usual, and there were small bags beginning to appear beneath his eyes. Up in the very front was Xavier. "You've finally woken up," he muses. When my gaze flickers to him, he's reading something in Mandarin. To my surprise, Daniel's head was leaning against Xavier's shoulder.

I raise an eyebrow. Xavier rolls his eyes. "This dumbass' neck was about to crack so I went to get him a pillow, but then his head slipped off the pillow."

The Interpol agent's chest was slowly rising and at peace like a kitten. I wanted to document this; though if I did, Xavier would kill me. Instead I hide a smirk. "So, do you still hate Daniel?"

"Do you still hate Ace?" Xavier challenges.

I raise my hands defensively. "Fine. You don't want to talk about it... Are you gonna try to kill him again?"

"I'll do it when he's not defenseless."

"How sweet. What are you reading?"

"The Art of War." He's also holding a bottle of alcohol with Chinese characters sprawled all over it. In reality, I didn't care about what he was reading, I just needed a distraction. Without even asking, I quickly snatch the bottle for a taste.

"For the love of all that is good and gravy, what the shit is that? It tastes like if ethyl alcohol is pregnant with the third trimester twins of cement and beverly hills hair extensions." My mouth instantly rejects the taste.

Xavier deadpans me. "Don't steal a man's drink. It's maotai, you uneducated American. And it's mine."

"Yeah that is way too strong to be considered safe. You can probably power a tank engine with it," I wince. Xavier responds by staring me dead in the eye while he chugged a shot without even reacting.

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