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"Can someone in this goddamn penthouse PLEASE go get some more popcorn? I'm about to starve here," Chase's voice groans.

Ace and I are standing on the other side of the penthouse door. We were about to enter, returning from our trip to Albemarle, but this conversation seemed to get interesting.

"These fancy chips the CIA put in our necks will electrocute us if we leave without permission. Eat healthy; have an apple," Skye says, tossing (chucking) presumably an apple at him.

I knew she threw it hard because Chase proceeded to cuss her out.

"I will absolutely not eat anything healthy," he states. "I'm religiously against Whole Foods."

Ace opened the doors before the tension between two very hungry and deadly people could escalate. As soon as we opened the door, Chase ran up and tackled Ace into a hug.

"Oh thank god you're back," Chase sighs while still hugging Ace.

"Uhhh... Nice to see you too buddy," Ace awkwardly pats.

"Please go get food so I won't starve. You're the only person that can leave this goddamn prison," Chase almost cries. "Get me a value pack of hot pockets, three red bulls, and roast-chicken ramen."

"While you're there get some Zocor medicine to treat his soon to be high cholesterol," Skye smirks.

"Wow," Xavier yawns, walking into the kitchen with bed head. "You guys were gone?"

I huff. The assassin then breaks into a smile. "I'm just kidding Rookie; I missed you."

"Did anything interesting happen? Did you guys fight any bad guys or save the world?" Skye asks.

I shrug. "Nope. Pretty uneventful."

"Although I did manage to piss off Octavia's godfather," Ace said.

Chase faked a gasp. "No, how could anyone hate you?"

"You're practically a saint of all things fathers like," Skye chimes.

"I wouldn't let my daughter near you," Xavier grumbles. He folds his arms across his chest in an imposing father-figure motion.

Ace narrows his eyes. "Xavier you're literally an assassin. That's objectively, subjectively, and definitively worse than an agent."

Xavier glances up. "Well I wouldn't want my daughter to go out with someone like me either."

"Let's just all agree that we're all bad partners," I state. "Especially Ace."

My gaze flickers over to meet a pair of golden eyes that are locked with mine through the conversation. The rest of us are laughing, but when I meet his eyes, they're fixated, serious, and knit in contemplation. Ace looked like he wanted to interject, but instead, he stays silent and runs a hand through his hair.

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