Lv. hipaa violations & dad hats

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After crashing one hundred-million dollar private plane into the middle of the ocean back in Hong Kong, the Director, fully annoyed, asked for a smaller private jet this time instead. Our bad. I'll try my best not to become so hated by a psychopath that we get shot out of the sky.

"Dubrovnik, Croatia. Historic seaside town with a population of less than 50,000," Ace briefs. "Thirteen's Queen's name is Dr. Emma Watts. She's a scientist studying coastal shorelines as a fellow from Cambridge."

"Hell yeah, she's a Brit. I'm so sick of being the only one among you unsophisticated Yankees," Daniel smirks.

Brigades of insults are hurled at Daniel. Chief among them are "Go back to the other side of the pond you crumpet-trouser," and "Tally-ho go get run over by a trolley."

"How did we figure out it's her?" I ask. "I'm not complaining, but the turn-around time seemed much shorter than expected."

"She has a rare mutation on chromosome 3P, leading to Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. It's an incredibly rare disease that we found while combing through medical records that made the search much easier," Ace smoothly retorts. It was as if he read off a teleprompter.

"Give me a H. I. P. A. A. What does that spell?" Daniel deadpans. "A HIPAA violation. Punk-ass CIA agents thinking they can do whatever they want."

Xavier smacks him in the back of the head.

Chase rolls his eyes. "So we've got a sick girl who Thirteen wants. Do we know why?"

Ace shakes his head. "We're still looking into that."

Skye places her fingers into a steeple formation, leaning in, as her sheer headwrap falls to frame her face. "We know that Thirteen doesn't have access to this half of the database, which means he's likely going to be unable to find her for the time being. Is disclosing her location our best move here?"

Leather fumbles as I move my weight in the seat. My gaze flickers to Ace in a way that wasn't asking for permission to disclose the night before. "I'd agree with you, Skye," I clear my throat. "But last night I got a letter from Thirteen asking for a deal. He knows that we've found his Queen... and he's probably destroying the agency in an attempt to find her identity. We have to save her. Before it's too late."

A thickness of tension hangs in the cabin air. I bite the inside of my cheek while musing how to proceed on this deadly chess board. Xavier leaves and returns moments later with a slice of cheesecake. Daniel facepalms.

"What?" Xavier shrugs, "It helps me think."

"You're going to need more cheesecake than that if you want to think at even an average capacity," Ace sighs. Xavier jettisons the fork into the leather seats while refusing to take his eyes off Ace. Daniel gives us all an apologetic look on behalf of the assassin.

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