ii. orientation

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"Get your hands off of me before I rip your head off."

"That's enough of you," Ace says while pushing me forward. He took off his tie and gagged me with it. I try to fight back but the handcuffs around my wrists limited my range of motion.

"If you keep talking I'll put a bullet through my own head."

"Aren't you just a Prince Charming?" I spit. Unfortunately, the insult wasn't really audible through the gag.

We arrive at a penthouse in downtown Manhattan. The extravagant place was adorned with expansive with marble floors, high-rise glass walls, and gold strung chandeliers. But more subtly, there were also see small cameras monitoring our every move.

The mahogany doors opened to reveal the figures of two men and one woman that turned around to witness the commotion. My feet begrudgingly move as Ace pushes me over to them.

"I want you to meet the last member of our team, Octavia Snow."

The three people in front of me were all unbelievably attractive. All three had toned bodies and seemed fit enough to be in professional sports. Like seriously, how was this even statistically possible? They could be winners of America's Next Top Criminal if that was a show.

I felt like a potato standing near them.

"Why exactly is she wearing handcuffs and gagged?" A man with perfect ocean blue eyes and dirty blond hair asks while choking back laughter.

Ace runs a hand through his hair. "I don't want to talk about it."

"No offense, but she doesn't exactly look like she's capable of physical combat," a man with tanned skin and dark features states. "Don't tell me you got beat up by her."

The woman with toned skin and a loose headscarf pulls the tie out of my mouth.

"I promise I'll behave," I say.

Ace hesitantly undoes my handcuffs. As soon as I'm free, I sprint towards the door. Sadly, Ace is able to grab me before I can take even three steps. This was pathetic.

"You just made a big mistake." He puts the handcuffs back on me before I could fight back.

"If I wanted to know about mistakes I'd ask your parents."

"Do you ever stop talking? You're like a fucking teenage girl obsessed with Ryan Gosling."

The woman clears her throat to get our attention. "So Octavia, why were you recruited?"

I scowl at Ace. "I was kidnapped because I hacked into the Pentagon."

The man with dirty blonde hair grins at me. "Good work." The celebration of a federal crime elicits an eye roll from Ace.

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