Chapter 8

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I went downstairs and opened the door there stood sam in his khaki pants and a vans shirt "Well hello there" he said "um, hi come in" "sure thing" he replied with a wink "nice house" he said looking around the house "yeah I know pretty nice" I said back smiling "it's very quiet are we alone?" I soon felt like i wanted to die this made me feel so uncomfortable being alone with some hot creepy player who I barley knew and that was trying to get at me "Uhhh, yeah we are alone" I told him looking away avoiding eye contact but I couldn't help I stared at him and he had a huge smirk on his face and of course he had to lick his lips "ugh should we start?" I said trying not to make things awkward "how about we have a little fun first?" He said pushing me against the wall "um.. I-I" he just smiled "shh, it's okay" he was leaning closer and closer his hands on waist "damn you are fucking gorgeous" I was blushing nonstop "sam..please" he pecked my lips and moved away licking his lips and biting his lip "shall we start?" He said smirking at me "" I was so nervous I walked up stairs to my room with sam following me a couple of hours passed by and sam was about to leave when he spoke up "hey um, there's a party tomorrow and I was wondering if you well wanted to come with me?" Scratching the back of his neck "why would I want to go with you?" I said confused "because you want to have fun with me" I thought about it "um, no wilkinson I don't want to have fun with you" he looked hurt "oh come on please give me a chance I promise you will have so much fun" he said with a serious tune "um, how about you let me think about it and I'll tell you if it's a yes or a Wilk?" Licking his lips he said "deal"

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