Chapter 11

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I saw sam and he looked at me weirdly "something wrong?" I asked " n-no.. You look so fucking gorgeous" I laughed and blush "well you don't look bad yourself sam" I said winking at him "damn please don't do that you look sexy enough already" i blushed and said "let's get going?" He looked at me confused "oh right yeah" we got to the party it was crazy their was so many drugs, people smoking weed getting high, drinking, making out, grinding, dancing it was gross "want anything to drink baby" sam asked "sure why not" I smirked at him and he smirked back he came back with a red cup with alcohol in it I drank it all I needed to act all badass sam was getting closer to me "let's have fun" he smirked at me "okay" I said he leaned in and crashed his lips on mine he moved us to a sofa and we started to make out he was holding to my waist as I ran my fingers through his hair which made him turn on I now know what turns him on so I kept doing it I pushed away and he looked confused "I'll be back I said" I ran looking for the girls I found them and told them "woohoo, girl get it now all you have to do it find Gilinsky and flirt with make sure sam is around" I said Okay and looked for Gilinsky he was sitting in a sofa with a red cup I walked over "ay yo Maya what you doing here" jack said smirking I looked over at him and smirked "just looking for fun" I said winking he put his arms around my waist and leaned in he started kissing my neck when I noticed sam shot I was scared he saw I tried my best to make jack heated and it worked he started kissing more and faster I soon realized sam left and I pulled away looking for him and saw him "hey sam, I'm back sorry I went to the bathroom and was lost" he looked at me like he was about to kill someone "oh really" I smiled "ugh yeah where were we before?" "Maya stop! I know you're trying to play me it's obvious i saw you pretty much fucking Gilinsky over there" I was scared "sam.." "No shut the fuck up! I want you for myself I fucking want you don't you see I need you damn fuck" I felt bad "sam..." I was interrupted by sam crashing his lips on me

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