Chapter 10

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I got a text from sammy
Sammy: hey baby, I'll pick you at 9 so be ready for tonight
Me: sure will
I felt like I need to tell my friends so I invited them over they came in like 15 minutes I got the door and went running for a hug as if I was scared "hey, you alright?" Lyss asked me "yeah, it's just I'm scared help?" We walked inside up to my room and told them everything "what holy..." Georgia said "yeah I know what should I do?" I asked as for help "well you already said you'll go so I guess you have to go but good news is we are going too we got invited" Lexi told me "what? That is so much of a relieve" I said "yeah let's go get ready" Georigia said "but Maya if he plays you, you play back remember or just play his game" that was interesting.. The rest of the girls went ouu and I asked "what do you mean?" "Well, play his game act like you want him, you are interested in him but play him In the end flirt with other guys his friend Gilinsky is so hot too so flirt with him plus I heard him talking about you he's interested in you" she said winking at me I can't believe Im listening to this right now "woah, haha not a bad idea georgie" I said laughing "yeah now let's go dress you like a whore" Alyssa said laughing and we all laughed we went to my closet and looked for something would drive sam crazy "guys this is perfect!" Lexi screamed behind us we turned around and she was holding a black mini tight dress that was open In the back so you see my whole back "I haven't wore that in forever" I told them "try it on!!go!" "Okay okay damn I'll be back" I came back and everyone had their jaws open "I look horrible don't I" I said sad "what no you look sexy damn girl" I looked at myself in my mirror and damn they were right this dress showed my curves my ass looked huge and so did my boobs I looked pretty hot the three of them decided on doing my makeup and hair and so after I was done I looked like a model I was surprised I could look this hot the rest of them decided to leave to get ready it was already going to be 9 when Sammy said he was outside my friends went together while I was stuck with sam

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