Chapter 9

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm and got up to take a shower I got out and found clothes to wear some short shorts a cropped tank top and black converse I applied my everyday makeup did my hair the usual and got my stuff ate something and left to school I got there pretty late the bell rang so didn't get to see my friends I went to first period and saw sam "hey Maya" he looked at me with a cheesy smile "hi sam" I smiled back "about yesterday's deal?" Oh right the party "um, I'll give you the answer in 3rd" he looked at me with a smile "alrighty than by the way you look gorgeous" I blushed "well.." I was interrupted by the teacher "Sam and Maya please no talking" I looked at him with a huge smile and he smiled back shaking his head I'm starting to like sam this can't be happening it was third period which was science "hey Maya!" Sam saw me walk in "well hello sammy" I said smiling "about the deal.." I started talking "please tell me it's a yes!" He said looking at me like he was waiting to win something "haha, well I thought about it and said well, why not a try?" I said biting my lips "yes! I promise you wing regret it bby" I laughed "we are not dating sammy" he looked at me and said "I'm working on that" and with that I had a smile on my face the whole day but remembered what Alyssa, Georigia, and Lexi told me he's dangerous he doesn't care, he's a player, he's only a sex guy what have I done I wanted to cry

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