Chapter 49

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3 weeks has passed.

It's crazy how I'm already about to graduate high school. High school is the worse thing ever, really.

I changed into my outfit, black tank top, and high waisted shorts with my white nike shoes.

My hair was long straight.

My iPhone vibrated when I grabbed my VS backpack.

Sam: can't wait to see you😍

Me: be there in a bit.

I slid my iPhone back to my pocket and grabbed my keys running downstairs to my car.

"Honey" I heard a voice behind me.

I turned "Dad? Yeah?"

"Never mind, you're on your way to school I'll tell you another time" he weakly smiled.

I nodded "see you later daddy"

I got to my car and started driving to school.

I got to school, stopping at my locker to grab my binder, book, and journal.

I began walking to my first period.

I was walking upstairs and suddenly behind, someone grabbed my waist and kissed my neck.

I saw Sam.

"Sam! What the hell"

He laughed.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Kissing your neck duh" he chuckled

"What about our 'little secret' huh" I stood there by him.

"I don't even care really"

My eyes widened, "I do actually, so anyways Im on my way to my class"

I began walking upstairs again.

"You're so cute, I'll see you later pretty face" he told me.

"Whatever, bye Sammy" I waved and walked back up the stairs.

I got to class and pulled out my materials, getting ready for class.

My teacher walked in and greeted us all.

"Morning kids, how was your weekend?"

I heard some people comment and say how good it was and how it was bad. I just ignored them all.

Just then Isaac walked in, my eyes followed him walk inside and I'm guessing everybody else.

"Oh! This is Isaac, he's new to this school" my teacher told the whole class and smiled.

I saw Isaac look around and look at me. I gave him a confused face.

"Um, what about you take the seat right behind Maya? She's the one with the black shirt" he told him.

Isaac only nodded and walked over to the seat behind me.

I quickly turned around.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked

"It's only for a little bit, I'll tell you at lunch" he added.

I nodded and turned back to the board.


I walked inside the cafeteria, waiting in line.

The line wasn't so long I'll be here a couple minutes only.

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