Chapter 30

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I got home and went upstairs to take a shower

I grabbed my clothes, grey tank, black jeans, black and white flannel around my waist

I waited for my hair to dry, while I waited I did my makeup which consist of my every day routine

I straighten my hair, grabbed my bags and packed for the sleep over

I grabbed my phone and texted Alyssa

Me: packing my stuff, I'll be there in a few?

Sigh, I finished packing everything and she soon replied

Lyss: Kk, I'll order food

I grabbed everything and went to my car and started the engine.

Playing the radio, 3005 came up and that's one of my favorite songs I sang out loud to it having fun myself.

I parked in the driveway, grabbing my bags walking to the door and knocking.

After the third knock she appeared

"Maya!" She pulled me to a hug

"Hey! Feels like I haven't talked to you for like forever" I chuckled making a sad puppy face.

"Girl, I know. Come in we have so much to talk about for real" she laughed

I walked in and followed her upstairs to her room I set down my bags in the corner and we sat down on the bed

"So what was that thing you wanted to tell me? You said something about if I had heard? And you said you'd tell me later" she had a worried look.

"Ugh.." I sighed.

I continued, "well that day I texted you that was because I was at lunch right, and I was with both jacks since me and Gilinsky are a thing but I just don't know who I have feeling for I always feel nervous around Sam, like as if he controls me and as I said I was with them in the table eating and talking I see sam walk in and I just feel weird so I try to ignore him I start talking to Gilinsky and we were pretty flirty I guess you can say, but I guess Sam saw he got mad he started to say all this stuff and arguing.. Jack got pissed so they started yelling more, people soon were coming towards us forming a circle Sam started pushing jack and they began fighting I tried pulling them away but I failed, I began crying I was like a ghost no one paid attention to me I ran crying to the bathroom and just uh, Alyssa.." I was crying at this point

"What is it?" She seemed more scared

"Me and Sam did it that night" I said quietly while water fell off my eyes.

Her eyes grew huge "whaaaat..." She asked.

"Yeah, I don't know what to do, I really like jack I really do, only Sam is like he controls me I want him.. I get so nervous around him"

"You know Sam isn't that type of guy Maya, he is only the one night stand..he might seem like he's interested in you but later he'll be like nothing, treating you like's the truth Maya, why would you this to Jack! He is a good guy.."

"I know I know, help me"

"I say you get away from Sam as much as you can" she said with a sympathetic look

"You know I can't do that!" I snapped

She rolled her eyes "Not if you don't fucking try!"

I sighed, "fine"

There was an awkward silence and thankfully a knock on the door broke it.

"Pizza delivery.." She looked at me.

I nodded.

We both walked downstairs and grabbed our pizza.


The rest of the sleep over went by just watching movies and eating

It was pretty quiet

I was now at home, and I decided I take a shower.

It was 6:47pm I had school tomorrow.

I grabbed my pjs and the clothes id be wearing to school tomorrow.

I blow-dried my hair and grabbed my phone

Me: are you mad at me? Or like disappointed..

She replied fast.

Lyss: no, why would I be?

Me: it's just the sleepover was different, very quiet and awkward

Lyss: I'm sorry lol see you at school

Me: lol yeah tomorrow

I finished and got into my sheets

I was about to fall asleep when my phone vibrated

I sighed and grabbed the phone I had a new text I unlocked and and read it, it was Sam.

Sam: hey baby, I want to see you

Me: tomorrow you will

He replied almost immediately

Sam: but I want to see you right now

What? What was his problem? As much as I wanted to see him too, I can't just see him right now it's 11pm and tomorrow we have school

Me: Sam I'm not going over only bc you want to see him

Sam: look outside your window beautiful

I quickly got up and opened the window

He was standing right there.

"What the fuck is your problem!" I screamed loud enough

He chuckled "I told you u wanted to see you"

"Can I come in?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes "well, you are already here. So I guess you can"

He quickly nodded his head and started climbing up

"Sam! What are you doing!" I snapped

"Getting to your room dummy" he laughed

I gave him a dumbfounded stare, "can't you use the door?" I told him

He was watching his step, carefully climbing up.

"It's quicker this way baby" you could tell he was smirking

He finally climbed all the way up and into the room

"Umm.. I'm going to sleep" I told him.

"I'm sleeping with you"

I laughed.

"Well I'm very tired and sleepy"

He chucked "well let's get into the sheets, my princess has to get some rest and her prince is here to keep her warm and safe"

I blushed. This feeling I got was unexplainable.. I was glad he was here.

We walked to the bed and went in, we both layed there, and he was hugging me from the back.. As he said keeping me warm.

He gave me a kiss in the forehead "good night my princess"

I smiled "good night Sam"

He very quietly bumbled "I love you"

And I felt butterflies in my stomach and with that we both fell asleep very warm from our hugs


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