Chapter 42

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I got to school, heading to my locker first. I struggled to unlock my locker, but I eventually unlocked it.

Suddenly I saw a note. Curiosity caught up to me, starring at the mysterious note.

Should I open it? I asked myself.

I got the note and slowly started opening it.

It said,

Hello gorgeous thanks for giving me a second chance I totally didn't deserve it but I wanted to write you this note to show you that I genuinely care about you and I love you so much


I finished reading the note, a huge smile appeared on my face.

I closed my locker and walked to my first period. I got to the class pretty early, so I decided to take out my journal and study on some notes for Chemistry.

My phone ringed.

Sam: I hope you read my note 😊❤️

I chuckled, texting him back.

Me: I did, didn't expect that from you Sammy. Thanks, ily

I finished texting him the message when the bell ringed. People already walking into the classroom and taking a seat in their assigned seats.

I put away my journal and slid my iPhone 6 on my back pocket.

Focusing my attention to the teacher.

It seemed like 30 minutes had passed, and I really needed to use the restroom.

The teacher was in the middle of explaining something, I just really couldn't hold it anymore.

I raised my hand, hoping the teacher would see my hand.

"Maya?" He called me.

"May I use the bathroom?" I asked

"If you hurry, this is getting important" he informed me.

I nodded my head and walked out the classroom.

I was just about to enter when I thought I had heard a familiar voice. Also a voice I have never heard, I turned my back and headed closer to the voices.

Hoping not to get caught. I got to the hallway, and saw Jack. He was talking to another girl, the other girl seemed way to comfortable with him.

They both were smiling at each other, with their bodies close enough. Just then, the mysterious girl gave him a hug and pecked him in the lips.

At that moment, I felt my heart break into a million pieces. He was cheating on me. Tears began running out of my eyes. I gasped, covering my mouth.

Crying more, more, and more. He seemed different though. I thought he loved me? The way he was so overprotective over me, the way he smiled at me, and told me how much he loved me.

They were all lies. Other else, he wouldn't have let that bitch kiss her.

I ran to the bathroom, tears still running down my cheeks.

I looked into my self in the mirror and cried more.

"No one fucking cares about you maya. Not Jack, not Sam, not Alyssa, not Johnson"

"You're a stupid idiot"

I loved Jack, I knew I liked him. Not Sam. Why would he do this to me.

I checked my phone and saw I had one unread message.

It was from Sam.

Sam: many things you wouldn't expect from me beautiful 😚

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